Earth Day Celebration!

Finally it Bloomed!

02 The Rain, the Park and Other Things

Click to download and enjoy the song!

It’s Earth Day, and like a cute little curtsy greeting in this very important Earth Day, I was awakened to pretty little blooms from my Flowering Quince bush! It’s a blushing color, a soft and delicate shade of coral! I just love this little bush! It’s right off my patio, so I can sit next to and enjoy during it’s way too short bloom time! I like to put flowering bushes where I can easily enjoy them!

And while you are enjoying gazing at this beautiful bloom, I hope you take a moment to hear the happy little song that I have included. I do LOVE that song!

Enjoy the rest of this special day and enjoy the wonders that our Earth brings to us each and every day!

As you all know by now, I feel nature is rejuvenating! A walk along the pond or sitting and watching the birds or enjoying all the blooms that spring presents to us….how could anyone feel anything but balanced!

I also enjoy what this good Earth brings to us naturally in the form of rocks and gemstones! I have always loved rocks. I love searching for the prettiest colors, shapes and a stone with a story….one with real natural character! I think I love collecting rocks and gemstones as much as making jewelry with them. Take a look at my little shop to see some of the lovely NATURAL organic jewelry and gifts

Until next time….

Love and Peace




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3 responses to “Earth Day Celebration!

  1. Linda! Your blog is so good. I love the music that you add to it. What a great idea! Maybe I will do that for my Italian blog! And your flowers are so beautiful! Are they all really in your yard? I am so jealous! I will definitely follow this blog – it puts me in such a good mood! I am going to add it to my blogroll!

    • Barbara! Hi! I thought the music would be fun too! When I read your blog, I thought, just one more thing we have in common! Now, why is it you have to live all the way over there!
      Yes, these are all from my little yard! I love flowers!
      Well, thanks for following my blog as I will yours too! Mission accomplished, I made someone smile :o) Thanks for writing!

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