He’s OUT at home!

Jaden the Catcher!

07 Centerfield (Click to download and enjoy!)

OK, so Gramma may have a bit of explaining to do, but I think he’ll be ok with THIS! See, I asked Jaden if I could feature him in my blog one day! (I already have it all started in my head!) And he said OH NO! But, look at that smile! I just had to do it tonight!

So, an iPhone  is a good friend to a Gramma! All these beautiful photo text messages that Missy sends to me of Jaden! (Missy is my daughter!) So, just about everyweek my phone has new a new wallpaper of….taa daaaa…..JADEN!

This is a great shot sent to me tonight! Jaden had a 5:30 game, so I had to miss it, but PaPa got to the field in time to see the great catch! Yahoo! Jaden caught the ball and got the runner out at home! HE’S OUT! I wish I was there to see it, but this picture tells the story!

Stay tuned for MORE Jaden stories! (Sorry buddy, had to share this one….it’s too cute, oh, maybe cute isn’t the right word, sorry again!)  LOVE YOU Jaden, Gramma

Until next time!  Love and Peace,





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6 responses to “He’s OUT at home!

  1. Missy

    He was so happy! Everyone was screaming! The first two games we got crushed 😦 but yesterday everyone really had their game faces on and we won 14-11! Thank goodness for that out at home!!!

  2. I’m so happy for him and the team! Yea! Go team GO!

  3. So sweet – what a beautiful smile!!
    And what a proud gramma you are, indeed!

  4. Thanks! He definitely is a great kid too! Always willing to try and learn new things too!

  5. Suz

    Oh, what a cutie! I know how proud of him you are Gramma! Wow, another great athlete in the family!

  6. Yea, he’s a keeper….AND, I didn’t get in trouble from him! He LIKED THE BLOG!

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