Colors of Life!

Photos from My Home!

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Sometimes it’s so hard to leave the house, when there is so much beauty around! These are photos of blooming plants in my home! Both plants were late blooming this year and I wondered if their blooming days were over! So, I moved the lily in the window it was in last year during it’s blooming season.  And, the orchid, I was just thinking, well I got two good years worth of blooms! AND then, as if they could read my mind, the following week they began budding! (Oh, wait a minute,  let me correct myself! To all you non believers that your plants can’t hear you talk….see, they love it…even plants need love!) These couldn’t be any prettier!

Yesterday, when I came home, this gorgeous Heron was outside my door! As soon as I saw her, I quieted Savannah, coaxed her in the house and ran and got my camera! The Heron’s eye was on me the whole time as he slowly and cautiously walked away! I didn’t have time to grab another camera or lens, I had to take it right then with the camera I leave downstairs to capture beautiful things! Well, despite the fact that it is a small image and she is walking away, isn’t it breaktaking!

Well, I should be making dinner, but, first things first! So, now that I have these gorgeous pictures and all of you too can share, I’ll go make dinner! Wow, I just can’t believe it…these are beautiful, aren’t they? The photos don’t do them justice!

You can see more of my lovely flower photos in my Etsy shop! I love flowers and I wish I could grab my camera and photograph this time of year the whole day long! New life blooms everyday right in front of our eyes! So, take a look at my other photos of my flowers over the years!

Until next time,

Love and Peace






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2 responses to “Colors of Life!

  1. riosamba

    Hi Linda, those flower photos are beautiful. we live near the water and once awhile heron would fly in and wait patiently to catch a fish. It is fascinating to watch the wild life everyday.

    Have a great day !

  2. I can’t stop looking at these flowers! They are perfect!
    I’ve never seen the Heron eat yet….it seems they are much too private for visitors! But she’s just as beautiful in flight! Sometimes she flies just a short distance away, across the pond and high on the very top of the treetops!
    Glad you enjoyed my flowers! You have a great day too! Thanks fir the comment 🙂

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