Paradise Road!

Speed Racer! Bob Falfa, aka Mike!

Enjoy the best racing song ever!

Rock Around the Clock played at the beginning of the American Graffiti Movie!

OK, so maybe we weren’t on Paradise Road and maybe we weren’t street drag racing!!!! Anyone our age, can surely relate to the excitement of  your own car and better yet drag racing! When we were teenagers, all we wanted were wheels….didn’t matter where we went, just wheels, music (most likely an 8Track player), and if we were lucky, really lucky, a cool car and someplace to drag race! (I’m old enough to remember SHS without those speed bumps in front of the school….it was everyone’s favorite place to do burnouts! Or Mundhank Road when it was an open road and a favorite place to drag race!)

So, today we went for a much needed day of fun! (Next time, I’m surely going to race too!) While we were waiting for race time, we reminisced about high school times….American Graffiti, Bob Falfa and his ’55 Chevy and cars! Mike was anxious to get out there and race, we laughed and decided he’d be Bob Falfa (minus the cigarette dangling from his mouth), and so I guess I would be Laurie!  I was feeling sorry that I had open toed shoes on, or I would have been out there racing too once I saw the track!

So today made me think of True Value Hardware where we met in high school, The Stop (where we would have hot dogs and french fries after work), 8Track music (double tracking) playing in Mike’s car, doing donuts in the parking lot, driving in snow storms when our parents thought we were crazy and just simply being carefree!  Our car was our independence &  freedom and we LOVED it! And we still love cars….and road trips…even if today ours isn’t a ’55 Chevy!  Maybe someday!

Of course, after racing, we went out to eat! And what better way than Lou Malnati’s pizza, deep dish Chicago style pizza! A really nice simple day of fun! A great day!

So, now that I’m home, and I’m thinking about my jewelry and using my new tools! Last night I used a new torch I just got and made headpins for the first time! I really enjoyed it! I ran out of time, and didn’t do  much more than that! I’m always thinking of new jewelry projects, but I think about designs and styles way faster than I can ever create them! But, I have a personal rule, I only create jewelry when my heart is open and my inspiration flowing! That’s the best way to create I believe, it is total enjoyment then!  So, my unfinished projects will have to wait for another day! But that’s ok, the wait will be worth it! So, check out my little shop! It’s full of beautiful jewelry and and yoga inspired gifts!

Love and Peace…Linda








The cars and Bob Falfa!








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2 responses to “Paradise Road!

  1. Suz

    Yea ! Go Mike, I mean Bob Falfa ! Wow, what a wild child you were !! OMG, donuts, racing, driving in a snow storm !! Have to slow down my heart here ! ; )

    Love, Suz

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