It’s Jaden’s Birthday Party!

Click to hear the Beatles song Birthday!


I just couldn’t help myself! This is our little JADEN! And, he’s growing up! Jaden’s Birthday Party is today and he is turning eight!

I have so many great Jaden stories! He is a joy in everyone’s life! He’s a good boy who loves his MOM, his DAD, his Papa, his Aunt and Uncles…..he is sweet and kind to everyone!

Cute little things Jaden has said over the years!

PaPa…where did your hair go?

PaPa…you could never be a rock star because you tuck your shirt in!

PaPa….PLEASE, let me set you wallpaper on your iPhone!

Great Gramma….if I make your day, you make mine!

My mom is cute!

My Gramma makes me feel special!

When is Uncle Mike going to be home!

As I think of more, and there are lots of cute things I just love that he says, I will add them! But, I have to go now, it’s party time!

I’ve had a really good week on Etsy! Jaden loves Etsy too! When he was little, he would sit on my lap and we would browse Etsy, he would get so excited to see Gramma shop! What a good boy! Anyway, take a look at my shop when you have a moment to browse! I add new items all the time! I just love my little shop….I hope you do too!



Love and Peace….Linda



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4 responses to “It’s Jaden’s Birthday Party!

  1. Suz

    Wow, can’t believe Jaden is 8 yrs old! Have fun at the party, Gramma!

  2. It was! They were ALL so cute! He’s SO BIG!

  3. missy

    omg i love that starbucks pic! i never saw it! i want to see the real one please! he just read it and smiled, we were lookin at his baby pictures the other day- he loves doing that- he says “awwwww, i was so cute! i was like as big as a remote!”

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