Family Removed from Santa’s Watch List

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I must say, after the holidays when I am off of work, Christmas is over and we are all just relaxing, I become quite reflective! To me, just a regular, ordinary beginning of the year mood. I look back at the year, count my blessings, think about the future,  and ponder about areas where I can approve my life for myself and others around me.

Amongst all this thinking, I thought of my blog! After all, why not fill my mind with just one more thought of things I’m not doing! (ha, you can see my daily meditation is not is place, as my mind is racing continually with thoughts!) But, soon I will be back into the daily groove, but for now… this is fun stuff, and little bits of stuff that is just fun to share!

So, I think this year my children and grandchildren, we’re off Santa’s watch list! (Oh, let me clarify! Our Little Jaden, he was never on the watch list, always a good boy! Probably very high on Santas Good Boy list!) Yep, everyone was really sweet this year! First our son, painted our whole family room! Quite an undertaking, and he did a great job! Kudos to Michael! The family room is warm and extra friendly now with shades of ivory, warm tan and a lovely deep roasted coffee color. As much as I feel that my judgement for color and decorating ideas are really comfy cozy and inviting,  the roasted coffee color suggestion was totally his. As much as I was uncertain, I gave the kid a break and he was right! So, what was the moment I gave in….Ma, if you don’t like it, I’ll redo it! Sold! How could I resist! And now, I can’t wait for him to do the rest of the house! woohoo!

After the painting was done, and everything looked so pretty, even Mike got into the creative spirit! He made these great coasters out of exotic zebra wood that houses lighting to shine under our beautiful bottles on our shelves! I have to get some good photos to post!

Christmas 2010 Off Santa's Watch List - FINALLY! Missy our daughter and Mike our son

I was off of work on Wednesday and Thursday to prepare for the Christmas festivities at our home! (29 for dinner, what a long long table that was!) Missy and Jaden also joined in and really helped me out in the kitchen! And what a help they were! Jaden came complete with his own apron and cooking utensils…measuring cups, bowl scraper, measuring spoons and sparkling grape juice! The kid doesn’t miss anything! He was so cute and enjoyed helping with the cooking. Somewhere along the way, he went downstairs in the family room for something and found PaPa had the new XBox connected SO, well, lets say, cooking class was over! But, he does really enjoy cooking!

ALWAYS on Santa's Good Boy List - JADEN!

But Missy stayed and made all the cookies! What a nice time we had. I can’t remember when we have shared that much time together. She made several cookies and we finished the night with my favorite part of the sweets table….fancy chocolates!

Christmas Mice - Hand decorated by Missy

These are the cute little Christmas Mice! Usually when time becomes scarce, and you find there isn’t enough time to complete all the things you want to, those pretty fancy things usually fall by the wayside! Well with Missy, that all changed. She made these Christmas mice…chocolate covered cherry mice and fancy gourmet pretzels dipped in chocolate & nuts and sweetened cranberries. She even dressed up the silverware, wrapping them in napkins decorated with fresh aromatic rosemary and red ribbon! These fancy additional treats and decorations added so much to the sweets table with platters of delicious cakes, cookies, nuts and chocolates in beautiful fancy platters! And, when Missy and Jaden left that evening at 11:30 pm, she also took my little grocery list of a few things I missed and went to the market Thursday morning, the next day before she came back to help me! Wow, I felt very blessed this year to have my family off the Santa watch list and on the Good Boys and Good Girls list!

Now before I reflect, a few photos of a couple favorite Christmas decorations.

This year, we had an artificial tree. For the most part, we switched to artificial trees a few years ago. I have mixed emotions about real Christmas trees. There’s nothing like a natural tree, but a part of me feels so selfish ripping one out of the earth for the holiday. And, although a perfect tree with glitz and glam is so perfect, I’ve also decided that nothing beats a tree filled with all the old fashioned ornaments that we collected for our children while they were growing up. These two are a couple of my favorite ornaments. Baby’s First Christmas: I remember when it was Missy’s first Christmas and Mike went to three stores to find this ornament! Back in those days, shelves would be empty if you were a late shopper! And the baseball mitt was handmade by a crafter at a local craft show in our town, personalized for Michael when he was quite young. I just loved this ornament too!

This cute little house is a house Jaden made for us last Christmas. But, we leave it on our fireplace year round, we can’t seem to ever want to take it down! If you look at the decorated the porch, he put real little tree branches and sadly, all the little needles have dried and fallen off!

Christmas 2010

This Christmas, this was my gift from Jaden, these cute frogs in yoga postures! (The peace ornament was from last year.)  I love the way this little guy knows his Gramma and PaPa so well! The story that goes along with his searching for my gift and Mikes is so precious! He just couldn’t wait to give us our gifts!

This is in my exercise room. My exercise room is filled with peaceful beautiful things and lots of memories of Jaden and Gramma times! This is where Jaden learned to count backwards from 10 to 1. He would stand on my bike in front of the seat and we would count down the last 10 seconds of my workout!

This is where Jaden and I would do yoga and meditating. And this is where we would talk about peace, gardening, the big dipper, muscles, and nutritional food labels! Yep, probably the first little three year old that knew the fat content, serving size, and calories of goldfish! He has his own little weights, his own mediation pillow and would practice the “tree” without asking him to…the cutest thing ever!  And although Jaden is still a joy and sweetheart, I miss those days when I had him all to myself! When he was three, those days all he wanted was to stay in the exact room I was in all the time! Tee Hee Hee, well, actually it helped that PaPa was at work, and he didn’t want to go downstairs in the family room alone. We had the whole night together while his mom was at work!  BUT, we really just loved those nights! And then when it was bedtime, we would watch a movie and fall asleep until mom came to pick him up! One of our favorite movies is Ratatouille! Jaden knows how I hate mice (if they get in the house), and so when the mice fell from the chandelier, we would scream! So, I couldn’t wait to make those cute little chocolate Christmas mice with him!

So, this is the beginning of my reflecting. Time goes so fast. I remember my mother used to tell me that , and now I understand. I am at the age when I am sandwiched between elderly parents, grown children and a lovely growing (growing up a bit too fast) grandchild! It’s the time of year when you think about making life simpler, less complicated, and making time to enjoy life! Nothing reminds me of that more than when I am with my grandchild, and the other end of the spectrum, my parents who are now 86!

I look forward to the time when we will once again have a camping trailer! I miss that so much, and I hope we DO visit all the National Parks!  Jaden loved camping with us! Every year he would say, “PaPa, where are we going this year!” These are a couple of camping photos!

So, the year is over, and I still have many more great memories to recall. It has also been a year filled with many health challenges for my family!  I am thankful that everyone is healthy at the moment! My son recovered wonderfully from a serious injury this spring, my daughter is doing well also after having to deal with health problems, Jaden is healthy, my husband is doing wonderful after more sick time than he has had in years and my parents are doing as well as can be, although I wish it was much better! So, I’m heading into 2011 rested and looking forward to taking it a bit slower. It takes a few days off of work, time away from the jewelers bench, and the exercise room to think about how crazy busy we tend to fill our lives! I’m not a person to sit around the house, I’m always busy! But, Mike had this past week off and when I asked him what he was going to do, he said it’s me, my chair and MeTV! (Yes, it is true, opposites do attract! OMG haven’t we seen that show at least a few trillion times before!) And that’s exactly what he did! So, I joined him Thursday and Friday and did nothing! New Years Eve, we went out for a simple burger at a favorite little burger joint along the river, Snug Harbor, then came home and watched “Live from Daryl’s House” and went to bed by 1:00 am….I’d say a pretty simple, uncomplicated start to the New Year!

I do look forward to returning to my jewelers bench though! I must admit, my favorite time to create is nightime! If I were self-employed, I’m sure I would continually work into the wee hours of the night. But too many late night in a row make mornings pretty miserable when that alarm rings away! So, I try to pace myself. But, too much of nothing drives me crazy actually also, and I’m not much of a TV person at all! My tool guru Mike, bought me some great new jewelry tools and during my downtime here, I have been having jewelry thoughts whirling around in my mind! But remember, this year I will pace myself a bit more! Delete a few more e-mail subscriptions, try to just sit one night a week, shop less for the perfect gemstone, do a bit more yoga, maybe actually have a drink once in awhile, (isn’t that a bit funny when everyone seems to want to drink less, I’m thinking perhaps a drink will do me good) and get rid of some stuff!  Listen to this song below!

05 Too Much Stuff Just a great song, click to hear!

ENJOY YOUR NEW YEAR and take time to do nothing!

Love and Peace from LindaGeez!

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4 responses to “Family Removed from Santa’s Watch List

  1. Suz

    Just Beautiful Lin! Congratulations, you deserve all the love that you receive from your family! Glad you’re trying to take things a little slower too! Love, Suz

  2. Thanks Suz! It was a fun Christmas, I can’t wait to see your pics! Thank you both for taking all of them!
    Love you,

  3. love the title of this one 🙂 i think taking things a little slower is a fabulous idea! in fact, lets take things so slow, we might catch up to a certain someone…

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