No, ah ah, not that!

03 I Could Not Ask for More Click to enjoy the music!  It’s really nice to hear the beautiful music with this blog.

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01 Something In The Way She Moves Click to Download and listen! (or open another window so you can hear the music while reading the blog. I love the music!)

Hair: natural long and black, parted in the middle, no bangs, Herbal Essence my favorite shampoo. Skin: honey golden brown from the sun, touched up with a bit of Cover Girl blush. Lips: shiny lip gloss most likely, Bonnie Bell.  Eyes: dark brown, blue Maybelline eye shadow and mascara. Ears: Pierced, huge gold hoop earrings. Handmade Blouse: Hot pink flower power wrap blouse with flaired short sleeves, gathered at the waist with a sash fabric belt tied in a simple bow. Pants: Purple brushed denim super wide pant legs with  big cuffs. Shoes: 5 inch wedge heels, open toed purple suede shoe with rainbow suede sunburst and a big yellow suede flower in the center. Purse: Handmade tan suede with fringe. Favorite Musicians: James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Elton John, Janis Joplin, Edgar Winter Group, The Beatles, Melanie, Simon & Garfunkel. Hobbies: Music, sewing, embroidering, collecting pennies. School Activities: Pom Pons, hall monitor. Job: Part-time cashier at True Value Hardware. Student @ Schaumburg, High School. Family: Big Italian-Irish family, 5 kids, TONS of aunts, uncles and cousins.  Family loves to cook and eat and all talk at the same time! Date: Summer of 1973.

01 Black Dog Click to download music an enjoy!

Hair: Long light brown straight hair, parted on the side. Eyes: pretty blue, deep set. Face: no facial hair, mischievous crooked smile. Tall and thin and walked with a limp. Clothes: brown denim jeans, tan striped short sleeve shirt, big bold colorful Hawaiian tie, brown shoes.  Favorite Musicians: Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, American Graffiti, Booker T and the MG’s, Jim Croce. Hobbies: Fast Cars, Motorcycles, Hot Rods, Music, Mischief. School Activities: Ditching. Job: Full-Time job – school program – True Value Hardware.  Student @ Conant High School. Family: Swedish Family, 3 kids, 1 Aunt and Uncle and a couple of cousins. Date: Summer of 1973.

It was the Summer of 1973, it was my first real job besides babysitting. I was pretty excited but nervous. The good thing, I had some girlfriends who worked there and it was close to home and school!

“Linda, meet the Big Kahuna”….aka, Mike, the mischievous crooked smile guy!

I love fancy glasses with fancy drinks that most likely will make me laughing crazy silly,  loud music, gemstones – big, small, doesn’t matter, hippie art and peace signs, slot machines, hot tea in pretty cups, rock shops, peace, anything Apple – computers, iPod, iPad, iPhone, yoga & meditation, crystal, pretty artwork, James Taylor, motorcycles, road trips, Natural Health magazine, flowers, pretty fluffy pillows, iBook, Killians, soft blankets, Himalayan salt lamps, The Beatles Love –  Cirque Du Soleil, lily ponds,  long hair on men, turtlenecks, the mountains, fancy china, embroidering, concerts, tools, silk envelopes, hot bubble baths, eye brow rings, dream catchers, good wine, little streams and ponds, essential oils, Red Rocks Amphitheater, fine stationary, smiley faces, leather jackets with fringe, cute little restaurants, going out to dinner, lifting weights, Godiva Chocolate – well, actually, I haven’t met a chocolate I didn’t like, glass tables, muscles, vacations,  Colorado, flower stickers, Nikon cameras, gel pens,magnolias,  the ocean, candles, music,  pine trees, guitars, Montana, cooking, old denim blue jeans and shirts…..and long walks on the beach – I just had to do that!

Mike loves old clocks, old radios, wrist watches, the history channel, salt water fish, coins, dirty jokes, Red Rocks Amphitheater, machines, watching TV and movies, vacations, beer, tucking in his shirt, flannel lined jeans,  rolling up his sleeves, laughing – better yet, laughing at his own jokes, making fun of Linda, gummy bears and dots,  point and shoot cameras, talk radio, his leather chair and ottoman, surfing & surfing & surfing the web on his MacBook, war shows, The Beatles Love  – Cirque Du Soleil, Bomber Girls Airplane Nose Art, American Graffiti, hot rods, racing, motorcyles, Quentin Tarantino movies, coffee, dove bars, M&M’s – the whole bag, collecting baseballs, The Blackhawks, Fergie (yeah, that one), consumer reports, Neil Diamond, maps, good food, airplanes, trains, sleeper trains, concerts, his mad bomber hat, chess, model airplanes, corn on the cob, sport team neon signs, rock shops, bamboo plants, Deep Purple, Marilyn Merlot, a clean garage, white socks, fly fishing, 1956 Chevy, lighthouses, Lou Malnati’s pizza, corduroy jackets, pocket watches, the east coast…no long walks on the beach!

23 I’ll Never Find Another You (click to download and enjoy this lovely song – it’s just perfect)

Spring 1977 Mike with our new puppy Rascal. (click to enlarge)

So, that’s a little about Mike, but you know Mike. He’s the Tool Guru, the guy I always talk about in my blogs! The guy I hang around with most all the time, yep, the big Kahuna!  Who would have thought that all these years later we would still be hanging out together!  Mike is the only thing I haven’t gotten sick of after all these years! tee hee hee! No, seriously, I get bored easy! We’ve never lived in a house more than 12 years, I’ve never kept a car over 7 years, and I’ve had lots of jobs, the longest, 11 years and counting, to name a few things! All the big important things in life, I’ve always changed a lot! Things just need to change! Now, that’s not to say that the road wasn’t always smooth, ok, maybe a pinch rocky, ok, well, maybe a lot rocky, ok well maybe big ass craters in the road, ok maybe major detours! I guess if you plan on spending a lifetime with someone, shit happens! See, we are a true yin & yang…so it is correct, opposites do attract! But he’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. He is my constant, my influencer, my partner, the person that really cares about me, my…ok, here I go….my soul mate! Yep!

This is the part you need need music to! 2-16 Still the One (Re-recorded Version) click to listen!

A Wedding, Our First Christmas, A Wedding, Guests at a Wedding


In case you didn't get this, it's our initials!

He’s the one that I smoked an L&M cigarettes with, that I drank Boones Farm Apple Wine with, the one who carved our initials in the wooden beams in the True Value attic, the one I went to Sante Fe Speedway with, the Cubs games, the Zoo, to concerts (Jackson Five, Elton

John, Queen, Heart, John Cougar/Mellencamp, Deep Purple, Billy Joel, The Allman Brothers…), movies, snowmobiling, motorcycling, road trips, camping, National Parks, gemshows…I can go on and on! (Not dancing though, by the sound of this, you can tell, he’s not a dancing kind of guy! Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Staying Alive)

A day at the races! Cubs tickets!

He’s a great dad, a loyal friend, an awesome worker, a great brother, son and brother in-law, and the best PaPa there ever was! He’s not fake, just a regular real person.

1977 Bk Row: Ronny, Mike, Me, Suzy Frt Row: Mar, Annette, Bobby

12 City Of New Orleans Enjoy this music by Arlo Guthrie ! This is the train we took to go to New Orleans!


2004 tourists in New Orleans - Boy did we have fun!


Mike as Dad, Mike as PaPa

Jaden and Pops Camping 2006 - Best Buddies


06 When You Love Someone Ok, so why am I getting so sentimental. Well, it’s our anniversary, January 10th! And, Mike does love to reminisce! He loves old times, and old things (that’s good for me!)  But he is a sentimental kinda guy, faintly romantic. Romantic in the way that, he always plans a nice night out on the town for dinner on our Anniversary. Not romantic like….I will get this gushy

Me & Mike 1980

card. Ok, here’s a card story. So one year, I get this really sweet card from Mike. It’s like a book! There are pretty roses on the cover with gold ink, Happy Anniversary! I open it up and it says, Love, Mike! I turn the page and there are like three pages of all sorts of poetry and romantic sentiments. So, I look up at Mike and say, “So, I guess I don’t need to read this stuff here on the other pages, you signed the blank page in the front…..he said, “Oh, you mean there was more!”  yeah, that’s Mike! But, he’s romantic in the way that he thinks of me…lots! Like he’ll come home with  empty cigar boxes he ran across and picked them up for me because he knows I love to collect good sturdy boxes for all my jewelry gemstones and silver! And he buys me great electronics and tools! He’s not a kind of guy that buys you a vacuum cleaner for your birthday or Christmas, always something I’m really going to love!

Me & Mike Millennium Celebration

And yes, sometimes roses and candy for Valentine’s Day (which he will proceed to totally eat…he can’t help himself with candy!) And, he has one workbench and I have 4! Ahhhh! And he’ll eat quiche and lattés with me! And, he even wore a party hat at a New Year celebration one year! What more can a women ask for!

Our Wedding Day:  I loved my dress. It was a simple knit gown, V neck in the front and back, a hooded cape with Marabu fake fur and a fur muff to keep my hands warm. It was so non-traditional without the veil and I


January 1976

really felt like a modern bride. Mike looks so handsome in his black tux and black velvet tie! It was a day we both totally planned together from start to finish and we really enjoyed the day!   We had a simple morning wedding in the chapel at our church in the town I grew up in. It was a lovely bright winter day. The snowflakes were bright white and fluffy and coming down ever so softly. We had a guitar mass. My oldest brother Billy played guitar to the music that we chose. We chose Let’s Stay Together by Al Green 01 Let’s Stay Together (click to download and enjoy)  How Sweet it is to Be Loved by You, James Taylor, and Today by the New Christy Minstrals. The wedding was lovely and we were off and on our way to our luncheon reception by 12 noon!

Ok, so Mike bought me an iPhone for my birthday awhile back. (He buys the greatest gifts for me!) It was the first 3G version, I was SO excited!  So, the old iPod is docked in my exercise room and my iPhone has everything I need right at my fingertips! Before long I had it all figured out! I had gigs of music, photos, games…it’s one of the greatest things ever! I must admit, it kept me up too late at the beginning, playing and surfing in bed when I should have been sleeping. So, during all that play time, I figured out how to give my favorite people their own ringtones. I carefully edited the music so the track would play perfectly! Perfect songs for everyone! :o) I made one for Mike, Missy, Michael and my sister! How exciting. So when Mike came home I was so excited, “Mike, I made a ringtone for you!” “Oh, how’d ya do it?” “Oh, it was simple. Here, listen to it, it’s perfect!” (here’s the video, I’m unable to upload the ringtone!)

Well, immediately, without further delay he said. “NO, AH AH, not that, don’t make that MY ringtone!” Seriously I thought, he must be kidding! And it WAS the perfect song, a favorite of mine from the old Foreigner album by Cat Stevens, Foreigner Suite. I should have expected it, right? I stood silent, ah, really, it wasn’t a big deal (my mind thought for a second… little jerk, it’s my phone….LOL) So, I changed it. He should be fine with this one!

01 Wild Thing Click to download and enjoy!

December 2009

This was kind fun going down memory lane! I hope you enjoyed some tidbits about Me & Mike! I really enjoyed making this and it took about three days to round up photos and stuff. It’s not like I expect Mike to read this anymore than he would read my poetry, but that’s quite alright too, this is a Linda thing! So we were finishing up dinner tonight and I said, “It’s taken me three days to write the blog I’m working on”. He said, “What are you working on?” “An Anniversary blog”, I said. He said… “Marvelous!”

Check out some of my hobbies that I love to do! I love flowers & gardens and photographing them, Jewelry Making, Yoga Inspired Gifts, Making Cards, to name a few things. If I had more time, I would do even more things. I love hand making things.

So, it’s been fun, see you again soon! :o)

Love and Peace, Linda

LindaGeez and LindaGeezToo




Leaving New Orleans, and heading home!

13 Isn’t It Nice To Be Home Again click to enjoy this song by James Taylor!



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9 responses to “No, ah ah, not that!

  1. It IS a Linda thing! This is so sweet Linda! I think my favorite part was the card he got you! Men – how funny! Love all the old photos and music!

  2. Oh believe me, there are MANY other funny Mike stories….I could have gone on forever! This was fun to write! 🙂

  3. Suz

    Just beautiful Lin! Your best blog yet! I just love those old pictures! Happy Anniversary to you and Mike! Opposites except for their hearts of gold! Love, Suz

  4. Suz

    P.S. Those 5 inch wedge shoes were mine!!!

  5. Suz, I can always count on my big sister to LOVE my blogs, and thanks for the heart of gold comment….runs in the family!
    ps OK so I may have sneaked and borrowed a few things when you weren’t around, but these babies were mine!

  6. Suz

    AHA, finally got you to confess to wearing my clothes!! I knew those shoes were yours I just tried to trick you…and it worked !!

  7. WOW, brilliant! Just goes to show you are the OLDER & WISER sister! 🙂 tee hee hee!

  8. Louise

    Oh…you got me teary eyed. Well done, so nice, beautiful job. Happy anniversary, time flies, enjoy the moments.


  9. I loved writing it! Lots of good times shared! And, I’m sure lots more!

    Thanks Louise…love you!

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