It’s a Snowy Day!

01 Chasing Cars (Live) Click to Enjoy the song!

It’s a great day to stay in, sip on hot chocolate and enjoy each others company!  We decided about 5+ years ago, we were through with outside maintenance, and boy, what a great decision it has been! So, although we had to do a bit of shoveling out, after all we couldn’t even open our doors, the major part is being done for us! Thank goodness!

So, if you are in a sunny warm state, lucky you! This storm has been a doozy! Ok, here’s where the age comes out in me….it’s a bit scary! We are totally snowed in! Seriously! I was actually texting people at 3:00am, crazy I know! I figured, they would get it when they arose in the morning! And happy no one answered back actually, then I knew everyone was comfy cozy and asleep….but me!

I am not going out there! No way!

I finally did get up, very early, with Savannah! I knew she would not like this! I wonder, could this Lassie get Timmy out of the well! giggle! She’s just our girl…a little prissy, but that’s just fine with me! Poor girl, paced around until I was finally able to clear the way for her!

But, of course, everyone wasn’t worried like me! Jaden was ecstatic! Jaden was fb’ing last night with photos of him in the snow! After all, snow days ARE for kids! That feeling of unexpected pleasure, will last with you a life time! All he thought about was all the fun he would have today! Ahh! So, look at how much fun he was having! What a blast for him!

Jaden with his snowboard

Jaden LATE Tuesday night....way too excited to sleep!

So, here’s some photos from my part of the world!

our front door

Hey, where did the street go!

Well, I was just about to sum it up and our power went out! In the meantime, the plows got our driveways done, our electricity is back on….yea!…and the big guy and my son are venturing out in the snow looking for a new battery as Michael’s car won’t start. So, the day is not quite going as expected!

So, no time better than now to make some jewelry!

And, a great time to offer everyone a sale while we are all inside with nothing much to do! So, visit my Etsy shops and you will be pleased to see I have a 10% sale right now! I figure some fun for you all while we are all snowed in!

So, be careful! Hope you are all warm and cozy and let me know how you are doing!

Love, Peace and Sunshine!

LindaGeez and LindaGeezToo

Jaden in action!

Wish I was there to see you Jaden! Have tons of fun today!


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