Sing You Back To Me

Spring crocus

01 A Beautiful Morning Click to play the song.

The bright sun was pouring through my window this morning. The birds were chirping. Sometimes nature cooperates on the days when you need it the most! I lay there not wanting to move and soak up all those bits of goodness and warmth. It made me think of my old gardens and the pleasure they brought me. The early spring crocus were always the first glimpse of spring! How I loved to see the flowers pop up just miraculously on their own. So, a morning such as today reminds me to be thankful for vision, health, and mobility….all the things that perhaps not all of us have or can do easily!

I’ve had this song on repeat in my car, (Sing You Back To Me – Trisha Yearwood) as if wishing these thoughts would make it all better. Crazy I know, but then again, who ever wishes for things that can really happen, that’s the beauty of a wish….it’s your dreams. When I wish, I wish BIG…everyone should, don’t you think! It’s a moment of escape from reality, a moment of hope, a moment when you think the impossible and dream that it might just happen. So, as I play this song (I’m not able to upload, it but will share it on FB, you should listen, it’s just really beautiful!), over and over I might add, driving on the way to work and back home, thinking about things and wishing. I’ve been blue. And I need to better cope with things.

Spring Hibiscus

Aging isn’t always an easy thing. Everyone has challenges I know, but sometimes others have way more than the rest! I always wonder, why this needs to happen. Why should anyone be subjected to such pains and sorrows that often old people have to live with. I know that it is part of life, but, it is one of the most heart wrenching things to experience seeing the ones you love suffering so.

I know these thoughts aren’t really anything new, and perhaps this post is merely for my personal benefit, a way to help me cope, which by the way, isn’t coming too easily. Everyday I need to pick myself up and brush myself off and find the courage to feel better, be grateful for all that I am blessed with and carry on. After all, I know, that if I don’t take care of myself, I certainly can’t be there for anyone else. And, that’s important right now. When others really need help, we all need to be there for them. I so wish I could do more!

Pink Magnolia Bud

All these flowers, well I hope they bring you a bit of happiness, I’m sure all of us, for our own personal reasons could use a bit of EXTRA happiness in our daily lives!

So, this post has been a moment of personal healing and a bit of inspiration that I want to send to all of you! A day of sunshine and warmth, and a bit of love sent out to all of you with the hope of a good day ahead!


All these flowers are from my gardens over the years! I think the garden would be so healing right now…don’t you? So, enjoy these photos…and listen to the music….just a nice way to start the day!

It’s helpful too, that I have a hobby that is so healing to me! In my free time I do escape to my jewelry bench. This hobby is done strictly for my pleasure. I don’t need to support myself with the income that I receive for the sales of my jewelry, so it is even more enjoyable as I work only when I am inspired….and pour into my creations! These are times filled with wonderfulness! I meticulously create something that I envision being loved by someone! That’s really fun! So, it’s fun for me and it’s fun for others too! I am so HAPPY with my LindaGeez and LindaGeezToo Etsy shop! It has been a pleasure and I am happy that others seem to love it as well. My sales are great and I am quite grateful that I receive wonderful feedback!  Stop by and see me! Send me a comment or a convo to me in my shop! I would love to hear from you! This is what keeps me going!

Love and Peace!



Spring Crab Apple Buds

listen to the pretty music!

12 Shower The People



LindaGeez Jewelry Boutique



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2 responses to “Sing You Back To Me

  1. Suz

    Hi Lin, that is so so beautiful!! If only…
    I’m glad we have each other! We all have
    to keep strong and support each other
    the best we can!! Love, Suz

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