One Lucky G-ma!

Jaden the Rock Star!

07 You Baby click to listen to this sweet song!

ring ring….as I answered the phone this afternoon at work. “Grandma, can I come over tonight!”

I rushed home tonight to greet our little sweetie! Oh, not here yet….good, I had a little time to let Savannah out and get his bagels and cream cheese away….just in case! Grandma always has to be prepared!

Gems and Stones for Grandmas Jewelry

So, I just started up my computer to get some labels and things printed to happily ship my Etsy orders, when I hear Jaden upstairs! “GRANDMA! running down the stairs! “I have something for you!” So, he comes running in with a Ziploc bag full of  “Gems” for me to make jewelry! (Talk about my heart just melting!) So I open the bag and dump the rocks out on my desk. The super smooth white ones, I found….Kyle, my friend found this one….little Jayden found this one! “I like all the white ones” , I said. “I found all those white ones Grandma!”

These are the things that make parenting the best thing ever! How cool is it when a little one not only thinks of you all on his own, but then has him and his friends go digging for “Gems & Stones” for his grandma to make jewelry! I would have loved to have been there to witness this! Imagine all these little guys running in the house to Mom! Muddy hands open, “Mom, we were digging for “Gems and Stones for Grandma for her to make jewelry! Real gems! She can sell ’em on Etsy! They’re so HUGE, she’ll probably be rich!”

Jaden's Shop

Did I ever tell you how much Jaden loves Etsy, yep, he does! Every year he grows up so much! But, I remember when he would sit on my lap and we would browse Etsy! It inspired Jaden so much! In fact, I had an Open House at our home for my jewelry. Jaden was SO excited. So, I get a phone call the night before my Open House….”Grandma….could I have my own table to sell the ornaments that I am making?”  Well I was so excited, “Yes, of course you could!” He was such a little salesmen! He did great! I think every person that came would have bought one…but he sold out before everyone could get one of their own!

I hope Jaden remembers all these creative moments! It will be great if he keeps his artistic juices flowing! We are an artistic family. My father is a great artist! This ballerina painting is just one of the many I have throughout our home!

And Missy, our daughter and Jaden’s mom, is a very talented artist! This is Jaden’s table set that I wanted her to make for our house for Jaden. This was ready for him way before he could even sit up!

This is just one of her many original designs and drawings.  Sometimes I really wish she was an artist for her career….she is so talented!

Jaden's Table

So, once again, I driven to my keyboard to blog my family! Jaden has been happy I have been occupied as he is enjoying his XBox, and PaPa isn’t home yet! And, he loves these kind of days! See, Monday him and PaPa were home from work and school, so they spent the day together! Noodles was his choice for dinner….one of his favorite restaurants! And after dinner, he hit the jackpot! I thought it would be a great time to stop at Yumz, a new ice cream store in Crystal Lake! It was so cute! There was a wall full of self serve ice cream, and then ALL these fun toppings. And best of all, it was all SELF SERVE! And what better place next door than a Play N Trade store! So, Noodles, ice cream, and XBox games, all in one night! He was on a roll, and well, what kid wouldn’t keep the ball rolling when it was his lucky night! I just have to laugh, he had so much fun…he caught PaPa in a good mood and ran with it! 🙂

So, I should get going…but this was too fun not to write about! I can’t wait till PaPa drills those gemstones so I can make a necklace out of that way cool white one! 🙂 I’ll post a photo when I do!

In the meantime, take a look at my Etsy shop…the one that me and Jaden love so very  much! And until next time….

Love and Peace,





They spend hours like this, PaPa and, movies, eating too many Tootsie Rolls, etc.




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4 responses to “One Lucky G-ma!

  1. Missy

    LOL! He was so proud…. delicately wiping the mud off the stones on his nice white coat… chunks of dirt and grass all over the freshly bleached counter… could not even believe he had just found these precious stones in our own backyard! “They must be really old, or something, because they’re so smooth!” ~ “Mom, Grandma is going to freak out! Oh my gosh!! She can make jewelry and sell it on Etsy! These gems are so huge mom, she’ll be so rich, this one is prolly like a diamond or something! Yep that’s the plan! I have to call G-Ma…. ” and then… he runs and grabs my phone to get your number, but he refuses to call people from the cell anymore. He only makes calls from the desk, puts his feet up, leans back, holds the phone with his shoulder and pretends to type…. I’ll send a pic one day. Hilarious. Love that little punkin muffin!

  2. Miss, I love the comment! I can just visualize it all, his excitement, his smiles, it makes me enjoy it even more! We are so lucky to have this little guy in our lives! 🙂 He is the sweetest kid…just love him!!!!

  3. Suz

    You are one Lucky Grandma! Adorable Lin!
    Love, Suz

  4. ha! love the rock star pic!

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