Praise for the Morning!

11 Morning Has Broken  Enjoy this song!

So I started my day of leisure with a cup of coffee and a yummy healthy breakfast! Oh boy, do I wish I could do this every morning! See today was the last day of my vacation from my day job!  My first day off started with a bad storm that left many of our towns without electricity!  Thank goodness we were blessed enough to just be without power for a bit and nothing more serious than that in our house! I am thankful!

So, it was too short, very sweet, and I must say, I could get used to this! “My Girl”, Savannah was happy to be lounging outside, soaking up the sun! And then when it got too much, well, she just moved over to the shady part of the yard! When I call her to go in, she starts her stalling tactics. She then starts walking around pretending she needs to take care of business! She of course wins everytime!

And today my Rose of Sharon bloomed! It’s a magnificent flower, it reminds me of a Hibiscus which I really love also!  So, I thought that I would share with you some of my flowers in todays garden!

Pretty Coleus

Pretty Yellow Begonias

Pretty Orange Begonias

Beautiful St. Johns Wort

Pretty flowering basket

Pretty Birdhouse

Gorgeous Rose of Sharon

I couldn’t help myself! I could have carried on all day long taking beautiful shots! But, I had to get back to reality! boohoo

But, I have also been making some beautiful jewelry! All the jewelry is filled with garden colors! My flowers inspire me so much! So, when you have some time to sit and browse, please stop by and visit my little jewelry shop and other shops too!

Love and Peace…Linda

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5 responses to “Praise for the Morning!

  1. Mar

    Beautiful photos! You have a gift. what will you do with them?

  2. Hi Mar! Oh, I love my garden, it’s my favorite part of my day! The flowers are incredible and the colors so intense! Sadly, the flowers never do well when I bring them inside after the season is done, but once again, I’ll try a few inside, they are hard to part with! And, the hibiscus I bought, I’m trying to keep inside forever, but it’s begging for the outside! Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the comment! Love you!

  3. I LOVE the begonias! How come you don’t have scarlet begonias, you hippie? I wish I had a green thumb like you! SO pretty!

  4. Actually, (L.R.M, can you guess your tittle?) I have Scarlet New GuInea Impatiens! 🙂

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