03 Daydream Believer

The Monkees

What kind of girl would I be if I didn’t honor Davy Jones! A little bit of my yesteryears creeps in my memory. Of course Suze and me loved The Monkees! We sang their songs and decorated our room with their pictures. AND, as any little sister would do (sorry Suze, I always mention that she is older than me), I would love what Suze loved! So, when she said  “Let’s tape Micky Dolenz pic up on our bedroom door”…who was little me to disagree!  Hahaha! Actually, I don’t remember who I thought was “cuter” him or Davy, I just knew I loved all of them too! So, I thought I would share a favorite song of ours that we enjoyed!  And a daydreamer I guess I will always be. Whether it was yesterday, or even today, I still admit, I am a daydreamer!

So, speaking of daydreaming, this blog will be all about things I dream about! I think dreams are healthy. Dreams help us escape from the day to day dreariness that we all must endure! And, although I don’t have enough pages for all the dreams that I have, I will write about one dream that none of us can change in any way!  I dream about TIME! Yes TIME! There is nothing we could do about the time we have….we can’t add more time to our day, add more time to our lives, take any bad times away, or even change the times we have made a mistake or two! No time tunnel here, although that would sure be fun! Enjoy this oldie 2-12 The Time Has Come Today Am I aging myself? Well, it wouldn’t be the first time today I heard that! Does this sound familiar all the “M’s” in the office!



14 Born To Be Wild And, another thing spring weather tends to do to me, is make me dream of a road trip! The destination is not as important and the ride, the adventure, the escape from reality! It’s hard to pick a favorite vacation, we have had so many lovely ones….but I do have a couple of favorites! I LOVED traveling to Yellowstone National Park! AND, I also loved our first real motorcycle adventure…traveling on Blue Ridge Parkway, through the Great Smoky Mountains. Nothing ever compared to the freedom I felt on that vacation! Sony Discman in pocket (pre iPod days), trailer in the back, holding on to the big guy without a care in the world! Besides the sites and the carefree days we had, it was great because I didn’t have to even look at the map for him….I’m not a map person, in fact I think I hate it! Total freedom! Oh, forgive me, I was just daydreaming for a moment there!

Mike - Smoky Mountains March 12, 1996

So, here I spent my whole time daydreaming and I didn’t even write about what I sat down to write about! Hmmm, imagine that, a detour from my plan! That’s ok, the diversion and the dreaming was fun!

So, I will finish up for the night on this blog, more dreams to follow coming up! I’ve been away from writing for too long! I haven’t written much lately because of that time thing….you know, because I can’t add more hours in my day! It seems by time I spend the day at work, come home cook (which, by the way, most of the time I LOVE to), and clean up, there isn’t much time left to the night. I’ve vowed I wouldn’t get back to the 2:30 am bedtime I did for so so long, (I don’t want wrinkles :o) but then there just isn’t enough playtime in the day! And, I have so many things I love to play with! But, I can’t wait to write more new and exciting jewelry things! The biggest news….the big guy is joining in on the fun! Yep! I’m so excited! Mike is going to start cutting stones for my jewelry making. I can’t wait to show you some!

But, until that time comes, I have a million things to do. Besides my LindaGeez Etsy shop, and my two other Etsy shops, LindaGeezToo, and LindaGeezFlowerPower, I am building my own website, of course!  And, that too is waiting for more time to finish, but I promise new great things are coming your way!

I love my groovy little necklace!

enjoy this song….and keep dreaming!

18 Up On The Roof

Unil next time….Peace, Love and Smiles


And this is what I sat down to blog about!

Hoya Plant in bloom in my living room


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  1. Suze

    Great Memories!! How about ‘I’m a Believer’ and “A Little Bit of Me and a Little Bit of You’!!

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