ta daaaaa!

Enjoy the song!

04 My Boy Lollipop

This sweet song describes our boy Jaden perfectly! He is the sweetest grandson, we couldn’t be more blessed!

So, Jaden is really quite an amazing kid, and I’m not one bit biased! :o) He puts so much thought into the gifts that he is going to give G’ma and Pops. This past Christmas, once again his artistic abilities shined through! And he knows, just what each of us loves!

Jaden and our daughter, Missy his mom

From when Jaden was a little boy, we always spent a lot of time in G’ma’s exercise room, no wonder he wanted to make me a gift for my exercise room!  This is where Jaden learned to count backwards! It was a great celebration when there was 10 seconds left on the exercise bike! He would jump his little skinny body up on the frame of the bike and we would count down 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 YAY! And then we would clap, what an event. Then of course he would press this Hoops & Yoyo button that would celebrate and say in their cute little voices “You are looking fine”.

We did lots of things to make the long boring time G’ma was on the bike, exercising, and lifting weights  a bit more fun! He learned opposites, and yoga, and songs and a whole bunch of fun things! Jaden had his own workout clothes, and his own little one pound weight, and his little meditation pillow! We made sure when Jaden was at Grandma and PaPa’s house that he had fun! He was always busy and active, and tried lots of new things!

Jaden's first skateboarding lesson!

We brought him skateboarding! Those were the cutes memories! After all his hard work learning, his favorite part was picking out the grape juice in the vending machine!

Jaden's first ice skating experience at Grandma and PaPa's house

Then there was ice skating. We had to go buy all the equipment, finally get him all dressed up and ready, and then the pond wasn’t frozen enough after all! I guess we were a bit too excited there too!

He learned how to use the iPod with Grandma! Jaden’s had his own playlist, Jaden’s Favorites,  which included Green Day, his first favorite band, The Yeah Yeah song, (Since U Been Gone) by Kelly Clarkson,  and the song L-O-V-E, it was in The Sandlot movie, one of his favorite movies! and You’re Beautiful, by James Blunt, he said it was about his mom! Ahhhhh

Jaden was a computer wiz kid at a very early age! And he learned how to use the Mac, and of course Photo Booth!

Jaden learning the Mac and Photo Booth!

He was interested in anything we wanted to do! He loved visiting PaPa’s work, baking, camping,  going on mine tours, train rides, planes, dirt bikes, going to Starbucks lots of fun things! He is just our little buddy!

Visiting PaPa at work!

baking for PaPa on Valentine's Day

Camping in Michigan

Touring a mine on vacation in Michigan

This was PaPa's idea!

Enjoying a hot chocolate at Starbucks!

PaPa and Jaden at an airshow!

Now that he is getting older, he enjoys so many things! He still loves sports, xBox, history, cooking, school, and a whole variety of things.  AND he loves clothes and couldn’t wait to get his first skinny jeans! And then there was the time we went to a gemshow and he talked PaPa into buying him Usher cologne! Seriously! Too cute! So, it is really cute to see him grow up.

Jaden, Riley and Jayden

Jaden's first pair of skinny jeans!

So, now for the big finale! And now that he is older, he enjoys putting a lot of thought into the gifts he would like to give us! He makes sure he finds the perfect gift for each of us. This year for Christmas, he gave both of us paintings! He made mine for my exercise room, and PaPa for the family room. They are beautiful and I couldn’t wait to share! It’s a little late but, Ta daaaaaa, PaPa finally hung them up tonight!

Grandma's Painting from Jaden

PaPa's painting from Jaden

 THANK YOU JADEN…we love you!

Until next time,

Love and Peace



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