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I recommend biting off more then you can chew to anyone, I certainly do

just a bit of my letters

07 You Learn Listen to the tune! In typical Linda style, when I like something, I tend to really get carried away! It is so fun to collect! And what makes it even more fun, the big guy likes to collect too….one influencing the other, a dangerous combo! So we like to go to vintage shops, search for estate sales, look for rare finds and enjoy the history these old pieces offer us….and boy oh boy, if some of these old things could tell us their stories!

These are some of my letterpress wooden letters collection! (I have metal letters too!) My collection began by accident when I found some letters in a local vintage shop. We were shopping around Valentine’s Day and I found the letters XOXO! I thought, how cute to put these letters on my fireplace mantle! Well, it became an obsession for me…and the search was on! I began searching for big letters, small letters, upper case letters, lower case letters, metal letters, wood letters, drawers for letters….anything letterpress. (I’ve always been fascinated with the printing industry) This is my drawer of letters, I sort alphabetically (just like my spices!). So, in addition to my collection, I’m enjoying selling some of my letters also! It’s fun to see other people too enjoying these letters! I sometimes think….maybe I’m getting a little carried away, but just as I think I might have too many letters around the house, I have someone loving these letters too….and so the collection continues to grow!

a bit of radios and clocsk

a bit of radios and clocks

But, I’m not the only one that has a love for collecting. So does the big guy….aka Mike! He LOVES radios and clocks! The cool thing about his collection, he collects broken radios and clocks and then repairs them! These are just a few of his pieces!

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ta daaaaa!

Enjoy the song!

04 My Boy Lollipop

This sweet song describes our boy Jaden perfectly! He is the sweetest grandson, we couldn’t be more blessed!

So, Jaden is really quite an amazing kid, and I’m not one bit biased! :o) He puts so much thought into the gifts that he is going to give G’ma and Pops. This past Christmas, once again his artistic abilities shined through! And he knows, just what each of us loves! Continue reading

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Meet My Etsy Friends!

Meet My Etsy Friends!

1-08 With a Little Help from My Friends

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I love Etsy, it’s a great community of artisans! I’ve met so many wonderful people! AND, I have an Etsy shop there, two actually, lindageez and lindageeztoo!  I love the entire creative process, from choosing the gemstones to making the jewelry just perfect! It’s easy to get excited when you see your creations finished and I am always so eager to  get them photographed and listed! And when they sell, wow, I can’t wait to package it ever so carefully and send it along it’s way!

My love for handmade items doesn’t just stop at jewelry and metalsmithing! I LOVE all kinds of art in my home, it makes the house so warm and friendly and full of spirit! I love to display in my home, bits of creations that always seem to  find the perfect spot!

I also love to browse Etsy, checking out all the beautiful artwork from all my fellow artisans! And there are SO MANY talented people here! The shops that I am writing just a pinch about, are all friends that I have met along the way,  artisans that I have personally talked with and purchased things I really love from their shop! Meeting and getting to know them has been wonderful distant friendship…distant, because none of them live anywhere near where I live! (Well, Gary from BoxNMor, he’s just a few towns away!) The friendship always began with a simple convo….that’s Etsy talk for sending them a message through their Etsy shop that they will respond to! The replies were ALWAYS warm and friendly! And in some way, each and every one of us connected! A friendship grew out of a genuine caring communication! And that is one of my favorite parts of Etsy. These friends that I am speaking of, have been supportive and encouraging to one another and it’s never been competitive! After all, there are millions of people in this world, enough to go around for all of us!

Each one of the shops I am honoring, are not only skilled but also UNIQUE artisans!  Each and everyone of them, pour so much love into their creations! Finding these extraordinary  treasures, makes Etsy my first place to look when I want to buy something special for myself or for a gift!

Please take a moment to read a bit about my friends,  just click the top tab MEET MY FRIENDS! I will be writing just short little introduction about them, along with a link to their Etsy  shop in their article! You can also read my friends blogs in the Blogroll and check out the categories on the sidebar on the right., a link for their shop will be listed in the appropriate category there also.  I highly recommend all of these shops, you will truly love the treasures they create! So, take a moment and browse through their shops, it’s so much fun!

I hope you ENJOY these shops as much as I do! And for me, I enjoy their friendship as well!

ps, the page isn’t totally complete yet, but be sure to check it often and read about my Favorite Etsy Friends!

Until Later,

Love and Peace




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