Meet My Friends!

05 Lean On Me Click to enjoy the music!

Check out all my favorite shops! Their links are on the right sidebar and also in their feature! More of my favorite shops coming!

02 ETERNAL FLAME (Click to download and enjoy the song,  going back to the 80’s!)

Meet my friend Allison! Allison is such awonderful person! I’m so glad that I work with her, so I have had a chance to know her in person! It’s so fun to share our enthusiasm with one another! AND, is FUN to be big fans of each other’s work! She’s the first person I get to chat with about thoughts for new creations, and she is so supportive!

I just LOVE her candles! After seeing her candles, I knew too, she had to have her own Etsy Shop, now she does!  Her  Candles in  her  Shop are great looking, and great smelling too! And, she has SO MANY fragrances!  I think I have one of Allisons candles in every room of my home!  Please take a look at her shop! She is my favorite candlemaker and a good friend!

SHOP DESCRIPTION: Here you will find several different Soy candles from, containers, tea lights, tarts, tins and jelly jars. All candles are made with the highest quality ingredients including 100% Premium Soy wax, cotton core wicks (no Zinc here!) and pure uncut fragrances to fill any room of the house whether burning or sitting on a table unlit.

Please visit Allison at



Meet my Friend Kathi from Earth Elements! Browsing around Etsy one day, I found Kathi! I was excited to see someone relatively close to me in location! So, I sent a note off to her to say “hi” to my almost neighbor in Wisconsin! Well, as it wound up, she was indeed just a Sunday’s drive away! And, it  just so happened it was springtime and lucky enough for me, Kathi was displaying her creations in an artshow.  We exchanged information about the show location and time and then I just had to  anxiously wait to see Kathi’s beautiful work!

The drive was a lovely drive and we wound up enjoying her pottery even more than I thought! How impressive everything was! Her style is unmatched by others, and I just love how she incorporates bits of nature into her pottery! It was really hard to choose which one I wanted to purchase! That day she even won BEST OF SHOW! A well deserved award as her pottery is just beautiful!

Since that visit, I have purchased several times from Kathi! Each purchase was greeted with a friendlly note from Kathi! I must say, it’s an extra special treat when an artist is not only super talented, but a really nice person too!

I know that I’ll be visiting Kathi again as this Hosta Lily Vase I have pictured here is a favorite of mine and I will have to have one of these for my own! I enjoy every piece I have, and I love to give them as gifts!

Please take some time to browse Kathi’s beautiful shop! You will love her work! Your pottery arrives packaged very carefully and arrives so quickly! I’m so glad I found Kathi!

And for all of you who like a Sunday drive…meet Kathi at her artshow! Wisconsin Summer Shows: June 13th – 53rd Annual Winnebagoland Art Fair, located in South Park on Hwy 44 in Oshkosh. And August 14th – Summer Art Classic in Baraboo.

Earth Elements

Just some of the pottery that I have of Kathi’s at Earth Elements


Meet my Etsy friend Allison Strine! Chances are great that you have seen her work in a local card shop! I’m happy to say, this girl’s cards are ALL OVER THE PLACE!

I must say that Allison is a busy person! A person who tweets (is that how ya say it?), blogs, texts, FB, travels, paints and CRACKS ME UP! I have so much of her work! I have cards, and magnets and prints! She hits the spot in so many categories! She’s sassy, fun, faithful, and yes, a bit crazy, all packaged up in the sweetest person ever!

Here’s one little story that shows a bit of her kind character! I convo’d her (that’s Etsy talk for sent her an e-mail note) and asked her if she would mind telling me where she got her magnet maker! (HER MAGNETS ARE THE BEST!) And she shared! It is sweet and refreshing when someone shares their secrets with you! She’s a sweetie alright!

So, as usual, I have tons of things in Allison’s shop that I love! So, sit back and take some time to browse through her shop!


It’s SO MUCH FUN! And, I love to see sweet people succeed! You Go Girl!


Meet my Etsy friend Maia! Maia is a wonderful person, and a very talented artist! When I visited her shop for the first time, I knew I had to have some of her art for my very own! So, I wrote to Maia to inquire about some custom prints! I enjoyed our conversation and she made the prints for me immediately! Such a kind and warm-hearted person and it is so reflected in her artwork!

I’m so happy that I have met Maia and I love her artwork! It’s my pleasure to take a brief moment to honor her and her shop! PLEASE, take a moment to look at her work!  I love her prints, but her Gourd Art….WOW, it’s really incredible! What talent she has!

Maia my friend, thank you for sharing your work with me!

Take a look at Maiaart at Etsy. It’s refreshing to see her original and beautifully detailed artwork!




How Beautiful!

Meet  my Etsy friend Cory!

I haven’t written in my blog for awhile! I’ve been a little under the weather and it’s taking very long to feel my normal self!

I thought if I take a moment to write about a couple of Etsy friends I have, I would feel good! So, that’s what I’m setting out to do this evening!

This Etsy shop is CorysHandmade! She is a young girl who lives in a neighboring state who I met thru a women I work with. I can’t believe what a great seamstress this girl is! AND, her style brings me back to my younger days! I just love her line of clothing!

The selection in her shop is quite extensive. Not only does he have head wraps and bags, dresses, quilts and my FAVORITE are her Cozy Coats! Just take a few minutes to check out her shop! Where can you get some custom made clothing for her prices!

Cory is a sweet girl and I love her line of clothing! Everytime I dropped a note to her, we were able to exchange a bit of cheer with one another!


Visit Her Shop! You will Love it!


Some of Sarah’s Herbal Formulations!

07 Scarborough Fair_Canticle

Click to download and enjoy listeniing to the song!

Meet my friend Sarah! Sarah is the creator of these wonder herbal concoctions that she creates in her labratory at home called Lilithsapothecary, her Etsy shop!

So, I’m sitting here with a few things I’ve gathered up that I bought from her. Lavender Ravensara Body Butter, Silk Kimono Body Butter, Tender Baby Chamomile and Calendula Lotion, and Dream Balm. This is just a bit of her product line that I have. Not only am I totally impressed with her products, they are wholesome and herbally inspired products and some even organic! Well, if that wasn’t enough, she is an extraordinary person!

So, I had some questions, Jaden needed lotion for his weekend visits after bathtime, Mike had achy sore fingers, we had dry skin, and I could use some help in the cuticle department. (One would think with all the jewelry I wear I would have perfect polished fingernails…well, it’s on the wish list!) So, I sent off a convo to Sarah! What a joy! Not only was she friendly, that girl really knows her stuff! I’m so impressed with people when they go beyond the basics and are so very knowledgeable in their field! Talking to her, was informative and she quite possibly is a brainiac! Seriously! (Oh, how I would have loved to train in holistic medicine!) All kidding aside, her profile is impressive and extensive! She’s trained as a medical anthropologist at Temple University and now as an herbalist! So, I am confident when I ask for her opinion, her thoughts are going to be quite accurate!

So, I know through talking with Sarah, that not only is a a wonderful wife, but a caring giving mother and a loving daughter to her mother who I know she misses! I enjoy her expertise and her friendship, and I love her products!

Please visit Sarah at Lilithsapothecary

Lilithsapothecary Blog

Please read her blog also!

Some of Sarah’s new products at Lilithsapothecary


Still a Favorite of Mine!

04 The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy) click to download and enjoy!

Meet my friend Singleton from Just Give Me Peace! From the moment I saw this artwork, I knew I would have to love this special artist! I mean, how could they be anything but a kind and loving person! AND, I certainly was right! Sing, is a beautiful artist, inside and out! We share the love for colorful, loving and peaceful artwork! When I saw this, I had to get it for My Room! My inspiration room…where I enjoy beautiful and peaceful things created deep from the heart and soul of my newly met artisan friends at Etsy! I love ALL her work, but I’m especially fond of LOVE artwork and flowers!

It’s been fun knowing and talking with Singleton! It doesn’t matter how many months go by until we say hello again, we always remember one another. After all she has a baby love….just about two now, and I have a seven year old baby love! That’s right out of the mouth of Singleton, and how can one say it any BETTER about your grandkids! I’m crazy about  her loving expression! What a sweetie!

So, time may pass, and people come and go, but that Singleton, she’ll always be spreading Peace and Love with her cheerful one of a kind illustrations! Once you see it, you’ll for sure visit her again!

More of her work I just love!

So, enjoy some time browsing Singleton’s shop! These are just a taste of her work! And don’t you JUST LOVE, make love not dinner!



So, Peace and Love goes out to my hippie friend Singleton!


Sunny Bower Illustration

07 Zen Blues Click to download this beautiful music, one of my favorites!

Meet my friend Sunny Bower! What can I say about Sunny, without going too overboard! Sunny was my first customer on Etsy! What a sweet welcome into the Etsy community! I instantly liked her and we still write to each other today! A kind and sweet soul that is reflected so gracefully in her artwork! Each piece of artwork leaves a lasting impression! So, naturally, I have them proudly displayed in my yoga/exercise/meditation/reading room! All her illustrations are things I truly believe in also: pray for peace on earth, rejoicing for the morning sun, feel blessed for my freedom, take time to quiet my mind and meditate.

So, this little tribute is intended to give thanks to you for the kindness you bring into this world!  What a nice friend, and I’m so glad somehow we were brought together to share a friendship! Funny how sometimes things couldn’t happen at a better time!

Sunny has a few Etsy Shops! I will be updating this with post with all her links. I so happy to bring the world of Sunny into my blog!

Zen GardenSunnyBowerGraphics

Illustrations that I have and love from Sunny Bower


Rocki’s Creations

02 Rock This Town [Single Edit] (OK, so you have to download this and enjoy!  (Rocki I want your pink hair!) Meet My Friend Rocki from Rocki’s Supplies!One of my favorite things to do is browse around Etsy to find wonderful handmade items that people just pour their love into while making! I don’t remember the exact way I found Rocki’s shop, but I’m sure glad I did! Rocki is my distant friend, off in another land, quite a few inches away on the map (depending what size your map is!) A place where cactus thrive and the air is hot and dry! Much different than the seasons, the rain and the green midwest!  But, somehow, when we met, we seemed the same, like we could have been best friends growing up or neighbors living next door to one another! Rocki, she’s my Flower Power Hippie friend! It’s been a real joy to get to know her! AND, she sends me great postcards of the flowers that grow in her state! I so LOVE them! They sit on my desk to enjoy everyday!
So, back to Rocki! So, she is so incredibly talented. Take a look at her handmade metalwork, jewelry and supplies! So, meticulously made! I just love them! I am particularly crazy about her earwires! Wow!
So, in addition to her incredible talent, she is a wonderful person with a BIG sweet heart! So, I get this note one day from Rocki, she wanted to feature me in her blog! Well, I never had anyone do that! That was so sweet! She did such a nice job and I will always appreciate that!
So please visit my friend Rocki at her lovely Etsy shop! She’s so good, she’s super busy all the time! But, getting her order….it’s certainly worth the wait! RockisSuppliesArtisan Handmade Metalwork Jewelry



7 responses to “Meet My Friends!

  1. HI Linda!

    Finally visited your blog! It is lovely. Many thanks for my promo.



  2. Thanks! I’m so happy to feature you! You have a beautiful shop and I hope EVERYONE takes some time to visit you! 😉

  3. Oh you are just too sweet Linda – you ROCK! I so enjoyed reading about your friends and wow…the awesome feature you did on me is very touching! From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

    Peace, love and hippieness to you my friend!

  4. Wow! I should’ve known your circle would be a wonderful one, and I’m so honored to be included in such cool company!

    Waving hugely at Sunny, whose beautiful works hang in not only my home, but my sister’s also. Always, a reminder of Peace and harmony.

    Thanks so much Linda, for the words, the inspiration, and always, the friendship! Muah!

    Much Peace,

  5. Oh Sing, it’s a much deserved little tribute! I love your work and SO glad we have all connected! It is such a wonderful fusion this group of great artists with incredible spirit! And somehow when we’re all together we shine even brighter! Thanks too for your friendship! Xoxo Linda

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