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A Dog’s Life

So, it’s been so long since I’ve written on my blog! I’ve been a less than my cheerful self lately. Life has it highs and it’s lows and sometimes somewhere in between. And, being the emotional creature that I am,  I tend to sort things out on my own. I love music, and lately it’s been girl power songs, so take a minute to enjoy this song by Kelly Clarkson.02 Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)

You know, I am a pretty lucky lady! I have a really big fan club! I have my sister Suze,  my friend Allison, and of course Mike…they love EVERY piece of jewelry I make. They are so inspiring! But sometimes…it just happens… I get in a lull and not so inspired.

Karen's Lanyard

So, out of the blue I get a note from a lady about wanting a lanyard! Karen was browsing on my LindaGeezToo etsy page, and found me. Well, I never made one, but it’s something that I have thought about doing!  But, if you’re like me it’s on the long list of things I want to make! (let me rephrase that, Mike thought that was something I should make! Heck I didn’t even know what a lanyard was….but he was thinking more for fly fishing! He likes giving me jewelry tips! He’s such a fashionista! :o) LOL, really?)

So, back to the story…SO, all it took was one little conversation for me to recognize that this lady sounded like a kind soul, someone I would LOVE to make something for! She talked about wanting crystal and moonstone and maybe pink, and little dog charms and chakra inspired! So, this was the beginning of a very nice friendship forming, I could just tell! Well, after several emails, I felt a real desire to make something this kind soul would LOVE! And, I did! But the best part about it, she LOVED it too! But, let’s backup a bit…even before I started her lovely lanyard, Karen and I spoke often, the wonders of today’s electronic world! I just love that about technology today. I have met wonderful people that I never would have had the opportunity to meet had I not had an Etsy account and email! To my surprise though, not only did we have a love for our doggies, but a lot of similarities! We talked about her volunteering her time to help homeless animals, and animal therapy, and gardening and making soap and love of herbs,  and simply just wonderful conversation!  I have so many wonderful people that I have met, such lovely experiences. One kind soul reaching to another, just as it should be! Like I say often, “All You Need is Love” Listen to one of my favorite songs by the Beatles 1-18 All You Need Is Love

So, her lanyard is now done! I LOVE it, but I’m happy to say Karen LOVES it at well! Lots of love went into making this and I’m sending her good energy and her beautiful lanyard tomorrow! But, there is another really sweet thing about Karen that I must share! Even before I finished her lanyard, Karen was so sweet and sent me a package filled with some of her favorite flower seeds and herbs! What a sweetheart! That was the beginning of my thoughts shifting from blues to inspiration. Thank you Karen!

So, I must say, I DO believe in angels, just when I was thinking that life is a bummer, somehow my guardian angel pulls through again! Count your blessings, be grateful, don’t waste your precious life being blue, and believe! Enjoy this beautiful song by Sarah McLachlan 14 Angel

Natural Kingman Turquoise, Swarovski Crystal, Natural leather

Karen's Lanyard

So, thank you my friends for inspiring me! And now, my mind is spinning with new styles and new ideas and my inspiration is once again flowing! So, more leather & crystal is ordered, great gemstones chosen, and a wonderful friend is on the waiting list for her very special long and beautiful leather, crystal and gemstone necklace!

So, take a moment to browse my Etsy shops! I’m sure you will enjoy it, and feel free to send me a conv0…that’s Etsy talk for send an email to me!

Love and Peace…Linda

LindaGeez  and LindaGeezToo and LindaGeezFlowerPower

PS how cute is this….Jaden and his new little puppy

isn't this the cutest!


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may you find some comfort here


14 Angel Click to listen to this song!

My Om Town Yoga


read below for the story of My Om Town Yoga!

So, I’ve been a bit stressed out lately. Oh, it’s not just one thing, and that’s what makes it so overwhelming! But, since I am a believer, I know I have been blessed with little signs of hope from the heavens. These little bits of hope come in the form of little angels on Earth! Yes, I’ve learned during my hardest times, that these things always seem to happen…these bits of light that seemed to come at the most perfect time. I remember during my darkest time, I had to start a gratitude journal and try to find one tiny bright spot in each day and be thankful for it! Well, I must say, my angels are quite comforting lately.


Power Thought Cards by Louise L. Hay

First out of nowhere, I received a package from my cousin Mar. She was my first angel! I received from her these Power Thought Cards. It is a 64 card deck filled  with affirmations…Power Thought Cards.  I love them! The artwork is beautiful! The card is two-sided with gorgeous artwork on the front and the affirmation on the back. Mar, your timing was perfect, and I really love these…and you!





custom made by Twisted Tree Studio

Then I met this lovely girl through Etsy , Jen from Twisted Tree Studio.  (click to get to her shop) I just love her spirit, and happy I found her! She’s just a regular loving mom with a wonderful husband and 4 lovely kids! We have been having conversation now for awhile, she’s making a purse for me! What makes her so special, well, somethings you can just tell! Here she is juggling taking care of her family, growing a little business but yet takes the time to help her uncle and grandma in a neighboring town who are ill. And because of her spirit and kindness, I wish her and her family tons of success in her business! Just take a look at one of the purses she made that got my attention! But, that’s not the one she’s making for me! I can’t wait to show you that! But, the creation is still in the works floating around in the minds of these creative and artistic leather-smiths!


Then out of nowhere, I get an email from a very good friend of mine! And, at that exact time, it just so happened that we needed to hire someone at work! Meredith is one of the nicest people I know, period! This girl is always uplifting, always a nice thing to say, extremely talented and a faithful loyal friend! So, again, an angel when I really needed it! I’m happy to say Meredith is back to work with me and I get to work with her now 3 days a week rather than see her once in a blue moon! Meredith, it’s so nice to have you back!



I am fortunate that I find solace in jewelry making. It’s a wonderful hobby and I must say, it gives me great joy to make something for someone hoping they will love and treasure it!  I am also fortunate to have a lot of nice customers. I have one women in particular that visits me often. She is one of the nicest most considerate customers, I wish everyone had one like her! She is respectful of my time and she loves everything I make her! It doesn’t get any better than that. AND, her timing is just perfect! Just when it seems I need a healing project to work on….somehow, it seems she finds me and gives me a project I will love to work on! Thank you so much K!

Then, out of the clear blue, I got a note from my new yoga teacher Anita. (Anita is partners with my retired yoga teacher Sarla who I just love and has been a great inspiration to me!) Anita needed Hatha Yoga Certificates for her 9 students that are about to become certified Hatha Yoga Teachers. So, in conversation, I spoke to her about the fact that I was missing a group practice! Being I took yoga for years in a group, I knew that I could benefit from the positive energy the group brought. So, now I am back in a gentle yoga session on Wednesdays. Thank you Anita, I am so happy I found you too!

Oh my gosh, I almost forgot this one! So, Saturday, just a normal day. Mike came home from work, “How ya doing?”, “Ah, Ok. I said  “Wanna go for some coffee?” I asked. Well Mike, he’s pretty tuned in to my spirit. “Yeah, Ward, let’s go for a ride! (Well, that’s just one of many nicknames Mike is always calling me. Use your imagination, you might be able to figure it out! There was a time I would get irritated at that nickname, but really, it’s just a Mike thing! 🙂 ) So, we took off in the car for Lake Geneva. Mike knows how a little road trip is so healing to me! We set out to find this clock shop, he loves clocks!  So, we stopped browsed around and looked at tons of clock parts! And THEN, what does he find, a little bead shop! Of course he read whatever literature he could find in the shop while I moseyed around picking and choosing pretty little strands of gemstones and loose ones too! Then we headed home. Finished off with a nice  lunch at a cute little vegetarian eatery (Expressly Leslie) in our home town of Woodstock! What a nice treat! We ate exotic pita sandwiches! A Falafel Pita and a Moroccan Eggplant with Hummus & Cucumber Pita, some things we had never tried before! mmm mmm Good! We split the pitas since it was new for us and had a smoothie and soup! It was great, so great…that was our meal for the day, we were stuffed!  What a nice day with Mike, it really helped my spirit (pssst…(whisper) don’t worry, he’ll never read this, so it’s OK if I call the big guy my angel!)

So, what inspired me to write this blog? I must admit my blogs are driven by something that triggers my emotions. And writing, well, this too is healing. And my blogs have something that I think everyone can relate to. So perhaps this blog can bring to you…a bright moment in your day… a nice thing for anyone to read in todays world. Now, these things might not sound like a big deal, but to me they are! Some people are friends, relatives, or a loving sister Suzy,  that inspires me, and some are relatively strangers! See, most of these people I just met.

Etsy is a great community that has brought me a lot of happiness! People are brought together through commonalities. People that I may have not met in my everyday life! People that brought a little spark of light to me in a time when I needed it most! What a blessing, kinda restores your faith in mankind!  See we can find hope and beauty in life even when we are struggling with situations out of our control. So, this last segment is about the lastest angel I met. Heather from My Om Town Yoga. So, I get a convo (Etsy talk for a conversation) from Heather, she would like to buy some things from my Etsy shop with yoga inspired gifts. Well, what a sweet person she is! She is SO excited about her yoga studio! And thru her nuturing studio, her and her partner Estrella and group of other talented teachers will guide others to achieving a more balanced and harmonious life! And how perfect is that! Through their love of yoga and their friendship, they built this great studio with a multitude of classes and amazing teachers! They have everyhing from Astanga, Jivamukti, Vinyasa, hard core Hatha to Restorative and Beginners.  And other fun stuff like Capoeira..a Brazilian, African dance, martial arts class and will be starting Zumba in February.. Mom and Me and Vinyasa flow using Essential Oils are 2 workshops coming up in February!  Donation based meditation starts this Tuesday evening…..and Kids and Teen Yoga is coming soon.  She enthusiastically says “We’ve been busy but enjoying every minute!” I’m so happy for her and wished I lived close enough to visit her! But, she will be in my thoughts and spirit! Congratulations to Heather and Estrella! So, take a look at her yoga shop! My Om Town Yoga

So, I hope this does one thing for you, as it has done for me! We all have lots of challenges in life! Some challenges are much harder than others. Tomorrow my Missy has an important day and I hope it is all good! Positive thinking Miss, right! But, maybe, through these happy little stories of the way people lift me up when I am down can help you too…find that bright spot, find the angels in your life! They are there if you believe

So, visit my Etsy shops that I’m crazy about! I hope you love them too!

Love and Peace,


LindaGeez and LindaGeezToo


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