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A Tiny Light

A Happy Celebration

Click to  enjoy this really nice song Tiny Light! I think it’s just perfect for my little blog tonight!

I have come to understand that often emotion gives one an overwhelming desire to express oneself. Sometimes the expression is internal, other times creatively, or often verbally. In my case, I think I have covered all aspects and am now moving into this written form of expression.

This is a happy photo of my mother and father. My mother is ill right now. Just a short time ago this evening, I came home from a visit with her at the hospital and then went to visit my father at his home. An hour ride home, music and a whole bunch of thoughts flying around in my head lead me to writing this blog.

It’s been a tough time for my family as of recent. I think illness, injury, surgery or  job loss affected just about everyone in my family. Often it leaves me feeling blue, but truly, I must say in the end, I have realized how blessed I have been. So far, thru all the bad, I know we were blessed and the outcome could have been so much worse. I am thankful! And today, again, made me appreciate that perhaps the angels are on my side!

Yesterday was quite a sad day visiting my mother, she was really not doing very well! And, as I was driving into work today, my heart was filled with such sadness!  Tonight a bit of hope, a “Tiny Light” and there were smiles and happiness! We sang songs together while holding hands,  listening to my iPhone: Dean Martin, Janis Joplin, Andrea Bocelli, Tony  Bennett, Willie Nelson, Ray Charles to name a few songs of our hour long little musical! Wow, she enjoyed it… humming along and it was really fun when there were times she did indeed remember the words! The iPhone just amazed her and she loved seeing photos of Jaden (again), and recording her voice, and looking at all my phone apps! She was happy and settled and I felt good that I brought joy to her day!

From there I went to see my father. Not often do I visit with my parents individually, and it was quite nice to have them all to myself! I reminded my dad that there is more than just fluff under me and my sisters curls! Sometimes, having brothers in the family, and being of my father’s generation, he thinks “stuff” needs to be discussed with the boys (although we are all grown, it’s still the boys and the girls!) only! It was a success!  My father was sad and worried when I got there, but again, I felt good when I left because I got a smile from him!

So, nothing compares to love and understanding! It can brighten up the toughest day!  06 Everybody Loves Somebody (you can click to hear this song by Dean Martin too! This is the song originally I was going to use, then Tiny Light came on and I knew that was perfect for this blog!) So, I feel a bit at peace tonight!

Oh, of course we talked jewelry tonight! Mothers, they are your greatest fans (and sisters too)! She is so amazed at my little Etsy shop! Buying and selling online to someone unfamiliar with such experiences sounds so AMAZING and exciting! The connection in a hospital is slow and sometimes unreliable so, our internet tour was shortened! I wanted to show her the blog I did for her on Mother’s Day again, she feels like such a superstar when she sees it, but heck, she is! So, this is a perfect end to the day, for a little bit she was happy and having fun, and that’s a great feeling to bring joy to someone suffering so much!

So, maybe some of you can share the amazing internet with a senior who hasn’t been able to enjoy it on their own! I SO wish she would be able to use a computer on her own!

So, take a look at my Etsy shop and enjoy browsing thru my creative times and the things I dream up! Spreading peace and love to you through my creations!

❀ ~ ❀ ~ ❀LindaGeez❀ ~ ❀ ~ ❀

Have a nice day! Love and Peace….Linda



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Meet Virginia!

My Wonderful Mother!

01 Meet Virginia Click to enjoy the music! It’s just is a cute song named Virginia!

Virginia, Virg, Virgie, Mother, Grandma, Great Grandma….meet Virginia, my lovely Mother!

So, how does one even begin to honor a women who has embraced her family her entire lifetime! I know this is just a meek, simple gift to show her my admiration for her outstanding role as a Mother! Funny, when I myself became a mother, I then really began to understand her ways, her style, her manner, her LOVE! Those subtle ways she had, those clever things she said to me to make ME be accountable for my behavior and learn to become a responsible adult! She loved to say, “Do what you think is right”! Or, when she would see my report card, “If that is the best you can do, that’s all we can ask”!  It wasn’t till I was older I realized how profound those statements were!

See, back then, there were bigger families. And sometimes occasionally when I was younger I wished for my own room, or things more my way, or my mother to do this or that! Funny, now looking back, that large family was a blessing! I know now, in a million years I wouldn’t want it any other way! A perfect example of love the life you live! AND, I love my Mother, Father and my family!

My Mother (my dad too, but this is Mother’s Day!) knew when to involve herself and when to make us learn to stand on our own two feet! They taught us to grow up, be polite, work hard, respect authority, love God, be a good person, be in charge of our own destiny, create OUR future!  They moved us from Chicago to a little farm town, to live in a safe environment with the freedom to play all day long in the friendly growing neighborhood!

Family was always regarded as more important than anything! We always had big family parties filled with celebration and good food! My mother, the greatest cook of all! Those early years of my mother and Auntie Beeb cooking and planning parties, have impressed me forever! Each and every one of us kids are great cooks all due to MY MOTHER! And, we always got our favorite dinner cooked by my Mother for our birthday!

Now, you must understand, I don’t have a memory of my early years like my brother Billy, he is incredible! But the things that I remember clearly and hold in my heart are the important ones! I know my Mother loved me! And that’s all that matters! I LOVE YOU TOO MOTHER! Happy Mother’s Day!

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all my Aunties, Suzy, Joleen, Missy and all my cousins! There are a lot of wonderful Mother’s in my family, all doing what comes quite naturally to them….loving their families!

Until next time!

Love and Peace




Back Row: Billy, Suzy, Duke Frt Row: Ronny (he's the baby) Mother, Daddy and Me!

My Mother and Father and their children


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