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Paradise Road!

Speed Racer! Bob Falfa, aka Mike!

Enjoy the best racing song ever!

Rock Around the Clock played at the beginning of the American Graffiti Movie!

OK, so maybe we weren’t on Paradise Road and maybe we weren’t street drag racing!!!! Anyone our age, can surely relate to the excitement of  your own car and better yet drag racing! When we were teenagers, all we wanted were wheels….didn’t matter where we went, just wheels, music (most likely an 8Track player), and if we were lucky, really lucky, a cool car and someplace to drag race! (I’m old enough to remember SHS without those speed bumps in front of the school….it was everyone’s favorite place to do burnouts! Or Mundhank Road when it was an open road and a favorite place to drag race!)

So, today we went for a much needed day of fun! (Next time, I’m surely going to race too!) While we were waiting for race time, we reminisced about high school times….American Graffiti, Bob Falfa and his ’55 Chevy and cars! Mike was anxious to get out there and race, we laughed and decided he’d be Bob Falfa (minus the cigarette dangling from his mouth), and so I guess I would be Laurie!  I was feeling sorry that I had open toed shoes on, or I would have been out there racing too once I saw the track!

So today made me think of True Value Hardware where we met in high school, The Stop (where we would have hot dogs and french fries after work), 8Track music (double tracking) playing in Mike’s car, doing donuts in the parking lot, driving in snow storms when our parents thought we were crazy and just simply being carefree!  Our car was our independence &  freedom and we LOVED it! And we still love cars….and road trips…even if today ours isn’t a ’55 Chevy!  Maybe someday!

Of course, after racing, we went out to eat! And what better way than Lou Malnati’s pizza, deep dish Chicago style pizza! A really nice simple day of fun! A great day!

So, now that I’m home, and I’m thinking about my jewelry and using my new tools! Last night I used a new torch I just got and made headpins for the first time! I really enjoyed it! I ran out of time, and didn’t do  much more than that! I’m always thinking of new jewelry projects, but I think about designs and styles way faster than I can ever create them! But, I have a personal rule, I only create jewelry when my heart is open and my inspiration flowing! That’s the best way to create I believe, it is total enjoyment then!  So, my unfinished projects will have to wait for another day! But that’s ok, the wait will be worth it! So, check out my little shop! It’s full of beautiful jewelry and and yoga inspired gifts!

Love and Peace…Linda








The cars and Bob Falfa!








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He’s OUT at home!

Jaden the Catcher!

07 Centerfield (Click to download and enjoy!)

OK, so Gramma may have a bit of explaining to do, but I think he’ll be ok with THIS! See, I asked Jaden if I could feature him in my blog one day! (I already have it all started in my head!) And he said OH NO! But, look at that smile! I just had to do it tonight!

So, an iPhone  is a good friend to a Gramma! All these beautiful photo text messages that Missy sends to me of Jaden! (Missy is my daughter!) So, just about everyweek my phone has new a new wallpaper of….taa daaaa…..JADEN!

This is a great shot sent to me tonight! Jaden had a 5:30 game, so I had to miss it, but PaPa got to the field in time to see the great catch! Yahoo! Jaden caught the ball and got the runner out at home! HE’S OUT! I wish I was there to see it, but this picture tells the story!

Stay tuned for MORE Jaden stories! (Sorry buddy, had to share this one….it’s too cute, oh, maybe cute isn’t the right word, sorry again!)  LOVE YOU Jaden, Gramma

Until next time!  Love and Peace,




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Earth Day Celebration!

Finally it Bloomed!

02 The Rain, the Park and Other Things

Click to download and enjoy the song!

It’s Earth Day, and like a cute little curtsy greeting in this very important Earth Day, I was awakened to pretty little blooms from my Flowering Quince bush! It’s a blushing color, a soft and delicate shade of coral! I just love this little bush! It’s right off my patio, so I can sit next to and enjoy during it’s way too short bloom time! I like to put flowering bushes where I can easily enjoy them!

And while you are enjoying gazing at this beautiful bloom, I hope you take a moment to hear the happy little song that I have included. I do LOVE that song!

Enjoy the rest of this special day and enjoy the wonders that our Earth brings to us each and every day!

As you all know by now, I feel nature is rejuvenating! A walk along the pond or sitting and watching the birds or enjoying all the blooms that spring presents to us….how could anyone feel anything but balanced!

I also enjoy what this good Earth brings to us naturally in the form of rocks and gemstones! I have always loved rocks. I love searching for the prettiest colors, shapes and a stone with a story….one with real natural character! I think I love collecting rocks and gemstones as much as making jewelry with them. Take a look at my little shop to see some of the lovely NATURAL organic jewelry and gifts


Until next time….

Love and Peace



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My New Shoes!

06 New Shoes Click to enjoy the music, it should download for you!

In my yoga studies,  we learned about keeping our Chakras in Harmony. There is a balanced person, and the polarities – opposite or contradictory tendencies. Being a right side of the brain kind of person, I have to make a conscious effort to not fall on the extreme side! I must admit, somedays it is a struggle. It actually started last night and continued on into the day today. Me and the girls tried to work through it with suggested music my daughter said I should listen to! LOL Nuf said!

So anyway, like a sign from heaven, I came home to some very good things! First, my magnolia tree was in bloom, AND my brand new shoes were waiting on my doorstep! I couldn’t believe the magnolia blooms are just perfect and this year the weather did not interfere with their blooms in any way! They are miraculously beautiful! AND, I must say, not since my high school 6 inch black platform shoes and my rainbow suede wedge shoes with the white daisy on it, have I loved a pair of shoes this much! They are perfect and bring me back to simpler times. Of course, that is a major blog all on it’s own, the 70’s, I’ll get to it someday!

So, I thought I would share my shoes with you with the most perfect song AND a photo of my perfect magnolia bloom!

So, until next time!

Love and Peace,


please look at my etsy shop for somethings that are

perfect for lifting your spirit!



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06 Duet (Click to enjoy)

I woke up to a vision….then a thought…Baze! OMG!

If you knew me you would know that this is both highly unusual but terribly typical! I’m not much of a TV person, in fact, I never turn it on! The last few months, my evenings have changed quite a bit! And so, watching tv is a  bit more typical. I must say, I’m enjoying the change in my lonely routine :o)!

So, there are two shows Mike and I sit and watch together…Life Unexpected and The Mentalist!

I was doing some of my Etsy work when I received my first text….it’s 7:03….it’s Sarah. How could I forget it, Sarah, Maureen and I talked about it all day! Well, I had to reply STOP! I don’t have the TV on! Mike wasn’t home and I got sidetracked and didn’t have the tube on! In fact, there are so many remote controls, it makes my head spin and my preference is music anyway! Music everywhere, the iPhone or iPod and then I’m happy! Then the next text after the show, poor Baze! I had to text again to Maureen, NO MORE, I haven’t seen it!

So, after dinner, we sat down and watched LIfe Expected together. Yes, it’s a predictable story line, but I love the darn show! And now, I’m dreaming about it! I mean who can’t relate to a heartache!

Well, I have to go to work! Enjoy your day and visit me this week on Etsy. I didn’t get my photography done last night because of the show! But, I have tons of new items to list….a little bit every night hopefully!

Till next time…Love and Peace




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I’m Just So Excited!

My New Pendant!

2-03-im-so-excited1Click to download music and enjoy the song while reading my blog today!

So yesterday as I was driving into work, I started planning my day….what I’m doing at work, and how ’bout dinner, and do I really want to exercise tonight, and oh, I really feel like doing my pendant tonight! So, the day progressed and my plan was set! Stop by my new favorite don’t feel like cooking place (Panda Express), right on the way home from work. For fast food, it’s really, good! And, no dishes and no exercise and workshop, here I come!

Mike couldn’t wait to have a workbench downstairs, so he got a beautiful bench! Well, it started out, his workbench was built and soon filled with clock parts and all the things he wants to putter with! Then,  I moved my jewelry bench in there (how fun, we can work on things together).  Mine was a small art table that I used to work on in one of the bedrooms. And I moved my little cabinet  with drawers in there to to brighten up the place, not much for dreary!  My little cabinet has heart boxes, cute little framed quotes (“let all that you do be done in love”, “Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Dream, Today is what counts”) and a cute Grinch ornament….to cute to put away,  and E-T nightlight, a teeny little box filled with worry dolls from my daughter, and I’m sure a few more things too! Well, my gemstone collection grew, my interest in my craft expanded, Mike bought me more tools and well I now have 4 workbenches in Mikes workshop! tee hee hee!

So, back to yesterday! Dinner was through,  Mike was sitting in his favorite chair, feet up, browsing on his MacBook and I retreated to the workshop. I got all the necessary tools out, and then the gemstones! That’s when it all happened. I placed the first gemstone in the bezel, ran out to the family room, oh Mike look! I get so excited! I must admit, I can’t stay seated long without expressing myself! But, eventually I finished. I was SO EXCITED! So, first I made a leather necklace, no, didn’t work, I thought for sure it would, but no! Then, the sterling silver snake chain, perfect!

So, I picked a pretty little jewelry case, packed up my pendant and protected it with nice soft cotton pads, and placed it in my workbag. The girls at work, are quite supportive and interested in what I’m doing. So, of course I showed the girls at work today. Then I thought, hmmm, I want to show all of you this. It’s not often I make myself something first, but the first three metalsmithing projects I have done, I have kept myself! I always like to perfect things a little bit before I offer them to others. So, pretty soon, I will be adding pieces that I will post in my Etsy shop!

So, this has been fun making and just a taste of so many things I’m dreaming up in my head that I am SO EXCITED ABOUT!

ABOUT THE PENDANT: The pendant’s gemstones are: the large cabochon is a Ruby Zoisite,  (Ruby Zoisite is said to amplify the entire energy field of the body, which helps us to realize and reach our potential) and the two small cabochons are round Rubies!  I set the gemstones in a high walled bezel in a thick piece of sterling. I soldered the two pieces together with thick sterling bent wire. To add some interest to the bottom gemstone piece, I curled the bottom of the sterling. I love the results. Do you? Let me know your thoughts!

So, visit my Etsy shop and look at some of my other creations.


Enjoy your evening and see you next time!

Love and Peace!



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The Perfect Healing Bath

03-what-the-world-needs-now1(Click to download the music and enjoy!)

The perfect healing bath

Along with all my extensive yoga training, I believe this philosophy can contribute so much to ones well being. Along with this mindset, I would like to bring to you gifts that will bring to you a sense of harmony and peace within yourself. In todays busy world, sometimes it’s difficult. I believe that through yoga, meditation, diet, and relaxation, this will aid in helping you become the kind peaceful person that you would like to be.

Take a peek at my website for more organic gemstone jewelry and gifts for body and spirit!


Love and Peace


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