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Meet My Etsy Friends!

Meet My Etsy Friends!

1-08 With a Little Help from My Friends

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I love Etsy, it’s a great community of artisans! I’ve met so many wonderful people! AND, I have an Etsy shop there, two actually, lindageez and lindageeztoo!  I love the entire creative process, from choosing the gemstones to making the jewelry just perfect! It’s easy to get excited when you see your creations finished and I am always so eager to  get them photographed and listed! And when they sell, wow, I can’t wait to package it ever so carefully and send it along it’s way!

My love for handmade items doesn’t just stop at jewelry and metalsmithing! I LOVE all kinds of art in my home, it makes the house so warm and friendly and full of spirit! I love to display in my home, bits of creations that always seem to  find the perfect spot!

I also love to browse Etsy, checking out all the beautiful artwork from all my fellow artisans! And there are SO MANY talented people here! The shops that I am writing just a pinch about, are all friends that I have met along the way,  artisans that I have personally talked with and purchased things I really love from their shop! Meeting and getting to know them has been wonderful distant friendship…distant, because none of them live anywhere near where I live! (Well, Gary from BoxNMor, he’s just a few towns away!) The friendship always began with a simple convo….that’s Etsy talk for sending them a message through their Etsy shop that they will respond to! The replies were ALWAYS warm and friendly! And in some way, each and every one of us connected! A friendship grew out of a genuine caring communication! And that is one of my favorite parts of Etsy. These friends that I am speaking of, have been supportive and encouraging to one another and it’s never been competitive! After all, there are millions of people in this world, enough to go around for all of us!

Each one of the shops I am honoring, are not only skilled but also UNIQUE artisans!  Each and everyone of them, pour so much love into their creations! Finding these extraordinary  treasures, makes Etsy my first place to look when I want to buy something special for myself or for a gift!

Please take a moment to read a bit about my friends,  just click the top tab MEET MY FRIENDS! I will be writing just short little introduction about them, along with a link to their Etsy  shop in their article! You can also read my friends blogs in the Blogroll and check out the categories on the sidebar on the right., a link for their shop will be listed in the appropriate category there also.  I highly recommend all of these shops, you will truly love the treasures they create! So, take a moment and browse through their shops, it’s so much fun!

I hope you ENJOY these shops as much as I do! And for me, I enjoy their friendship as well!

ps, the page isn’t totally complete yet, but be sure to check it often and read about my Favorite Etsy Friends!

Until Later,

Love and Peace





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I’m Just So Excited!

My New Pendant!

2-03-im-so-excited1Click to download music and enjoy the song while reading my blog today!

So yesterday as I was driving into work, I started planning my day….what I’m doing at work, and how ’bout dinner, and do I really want to exercise tonight, and oh, I really feel like doing my pendant tonight! So, the day progressed and my plan was set! Stop by my new favorite don’t feel like cooking place (Panda Express), right on the way home from work. For fast food, it’s really, good! And, no dishes and no exercise and workshop, here I come!

Mike couldn’t wait to have a workbench downstairs, so he got a beautiful bench! Well, it started out, his workbench was built and soon filled with clock parts and all the things he wants to putter with! Then,  I moved my jewelry bench in there (how fun, we can work on things together).  Mine was a small art table that I used to work on in one of the bedrooms. And I moved my little cabinet  with drawers in there to to brighten up the place, not much for dreary!  My little cabinet has heart boxes, cute little framed quotes (“let all that you do be done in love”, “Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Dream, Today is what counts”) and a cute Grinch ornament….to cute to put away,  and E-T nightlight, a teeny little box filled with worry dolls from my daughter, and I’m sure a few more things too! Well, my gemstone collection grew, my interest in my craft expanded, Mike bought me more tools and well I now have 4 workbenches in Mikes workshop! tee hee hee!

So, back to yesterday! Dinner was through,  Mike was sitting in his favorite chair, feet up, browsing on his MacBook and I retreated to the workshop. I got all the necessary tools out, and then the gemstones! That’s when it all happened. I placed the first gemstone in the bezel, ran out to the family room, oh Mike look! I get so excited! I must admit, I can’t stay seated long without expressing myself! But, eventually I finished. I was SO EXCITED! So, first I made a leather necklace, no, didn’t work, I thought for sure it would, but no! Then, the sterling silver snake chain, perfect!

So, I picked a pretty little jewelry case, packed up my pendant and protected it with nice soft cotton pads, and placed it in my workbag. The girls at work, are quite supportive and interested in what I’m doing. So, of course I showed the girls at work today. Then I thought, hmmm, I want to show all of you this. It’s not often I make myself something first, but the first three metalsmithing projects I have done, I have kept myself! I always like to perfect things a little bit before I offer them to others. So, pretty soon, I will be adding pieces that I will post in my Etsy shop!

So, this has been fun making and just a taste of so many things I’m dreaming up in my head that I am SO EXCITED ABOUT!

ABOUT THE PENDANT: The pendant’s gemstones are: the large cabochon is a Ruby Zoisite,  (Ruby Zoisite is said to amplify the entire energy field of the body, which helps us to realize and reach our potential) and the two small cabochons are round Rubies!  I set the gemstones in a high walled bezel in a thick piece of sterling. I soldered the two pieces together with thick sterling bent wire. To add some interest to the bottom gemstone piece, I curled the bottom of the sterling. I love the results. Do you? Let me know your thoughts!

So, visit my Etsy shop and look at some of my other creations.


Enjoy your evening and see you next time!

Love and Peace!



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