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Meet Virginia!

My Wonderful Mother!

01 Meet Virginia Click to enjoy the music! It’s just is a cute song named Virginia!

Virginia, Virg, Virgie, Mother, Grandma, Great Grandma….meet Virginia, my lovely Mother!

So, how does one even begin to honor a women who has embraced her family her entire lifetime! I know this is just a meek, simple gift to show her my admiration for her outstanding role as a Mother! Funny, when I myself became a mother, I then really began to understand her ways, her style, her manner, her LOVE! Those subtle ways she had, those clever things she said to me to make ME be accountable for my behavior and learn to become a responsible adult! She loved to say, “Do what you think is right”! Or, when she would see my report card, “If that is the best you can do, that’s all we can ask”!  It wasn’t till I was older I realized how profound those statements were!

See, back then, there were bigger families. And sometimes occasionally when I was younger I wished for my own room, or things more my way, or my mother to do this or that! Funny, now looking back, that large family was a blessing! I know now, in a million years I wouldn’t want it any other way! A perfect example of love the life you live! AND, I love my Mother, Father and my family!

My Mother (my dad too, but this is Mother’s Day!) knew when to involve herself and when to make us learn to stand on our own two feet! They taught us to grow up, be polite, work hard, respect authority, love God, be a good person, be in charge of our own destiny, create OUR future!  They moved us from Chicago to a little farm town, to live in a safe environment with the freedom to play all day long in the friendly growing neighborhood!

Family was always regarded as more important than anything! We always had big family parties filled with celebration and good food! My mother, the greatest cook of all! Those early years of my mother and Auntie Beeb cooking and planning parties, have impressed me forever! Each and every one of us kids are great cooks all due to MY MOTHER! And, we always got our favorite dinner cooked by my Mother for our birthday!

Now, you must understand, I don’t have a memory of my early years like my brother Billy, he is incredible! But the things that I remember clearly and hold in my heart are the important ones! I know my Mother loved me! And that’s all that matters! I LOVE YOU TOO MOTHER! Happy Mother’s Day!

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all my Aunties, Suzy, Joleen, Missy and all my cousins! There are a lot of wonderful Mother’s in my family, all doing what comes quite naturally to them….loving their families!

Until next time!

Love and Peace




Back Row: Billy, Suzy, Duke Frt Row: Ronny (he's the baby) Mother, Daddy and Me!

My Mother and Father and their children



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Thank Heaven for Little Girls!

Our Little Girl Missy....all grown up, and her little boy Jaden!

05 Melissa 1 Cick to download and enjoy the beautiful song Melissa!

OK, so this is Melissa, Missy for short (although I really love the name Melissa!) This photo taken June 2, not quite one year old! And below is Missy and her son Jaden NOW! So, I guess she isn’t a little girl anymore! But, all you Moms and Dads out there understand, that your daughter is always your Little Girl!

So, Missy is feeling a little under the weather today. So Miss, maybe these curveballs happen for a reason…maybe slow down and smell the roses….daffodils in this case!  Just a little tee hee hee!

Really though, each and everyday, each of us should take a moment to count our blessings and be thankful for our family!  And, today especially, I thank heaven and the angels, for my little girl, Missy!

Until next time,

Love and Peace,





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