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A Tiny Light

A Happy Celebration

Click to  enjoy this really nice song Tiny Light! I think it’s just perfect for my little blog tonight!

I have come to understand that often emotion gives one an overwhelming desire to express oneself. Sometimes the expression is internal, other times creatively, or often verbally. In my case, I think I have covered all aspects and am now moving into this written form of expression.

This is a happy photo of my mother and father. My mother is ill right now. Just a short time ago this evening, I came home from a visit with her at the hospital and then went to visit my father at his home. An hour ride home, music and a whole bunch of thoughts flying around in my head lead me to writing this blog.

It’s been a tough time for my family as of recent. I think illness, injury, surgery or  job loss affected just about everyone in my family. Often it leaves me feeling blue, but truly, I must say in the end, I have realized how blessed I have been. So far, thru all the bad, I know we were blessed and the outcome could have been so much worse. I am thankful! And today, again, made me appreciate that perhaps the angels are on my side!

Yesterday was quite a sad day visiting my mother, she was really not doing very well! And, as I was driving into work today, my heart was filled with such sadness!  Tonight a bit of hope, a “Tiny Light” and there were smiles and happiness! We sang songs together while holding hands,  listening to my iPhone: Dean Martin, Janis Joplin, Andrea Bocelli, Tony  Bennett, Willie Nelson, Ray Charles to name a few songs of our hour long little musical! Wow, she enjoyed it… humming along and it was really fun when there were times she did indeed remember the words! The iPhone just amazed her and she loved seeing photos of Jaden (again), and recording her voice, and looking at all my phone apps! She was happy and settled and I felt good that I brought joy to her day!

From there I went to see my father. Not often do I visit with my parents individually, and it was quite nice to have them all to myself! I reminded my dad that there is more than just fluff under me and my sisters curls! Sometimes, having brothers in the family, and being of my father’s generation, he thinks “stuff” needs to be discussed with the boys (although we are all grown, it’s still the boys and the girls!) only! It was a success!  My father was sad and worried when I got there, but again, I felt good when I left because I got a smile from him!

So, nothing compares to love and understanding! It can brighten up the toughest day!  06 Everybody Loves Somebody (you can click to hear this song by Dean Martin too! This is the song originally I was going to use, then Tiny Light came on and I knew that was perfect for this blog!) So, I feel a bit at peace tonight!

Oh, of course we talked jewelry tonight! Mothers, they are your greatest fans (and sisters too)! She is so amazed at my little Etsy shop! Buying and selling online to someone unfamiliar with such experiences sounds so AMAZING and exciting! The connection in a hospital is slow and sometimes unreliable so, our internet tour was shortened! I wanted to show her the blog I did for her on Mother’s Day again, she feels like such a superstar when she sees it, but heck, she is! So, this is a perfect end to the day, for a little bit she was happy and having fun, and that’s a great feeling to bring joy to someone suffering so much!

So, maybe some of you can share the amazing internet with a senior who hasn’t been able to enjoy it on their own! I SO wish she would be able to use a computer on her own!

So, take a look at my Etsy shop and enjoy browsing thru my creative times and the things I dream up! Spreading peace and love to you through my creations!

❀ ~ ❀ ~ ❀LindaGeez❀ ~ ❀ ~ ❀

Have a nice day! Love and Peace….Linda



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Feelin’ Groovy

04 The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy)

(Click to dig the music!)

I haven’t written in awhile. A lot has been going on, and hard to believe, I didn’t feel like talking much!

I mention this a lot, but worth mentioning again. We studied a lot about keeping our Chakras in balance in Teacher’s Training. Simply put, there are 7 main Chakras in our body…chakras are subtle energy channels. Through meditation and Hatha yoga, the physical blocks can be released. And when one is not balanced, well, your mind, body and spirit are not in harmony!  That’s kinda how I’ve felt lately. So tonight, I thought it’s about I put aside my worries and have a little creative time in my workshop! I even made a Groovy Medallion necklace, something I’ve been thinking about for awhile and I already feel a bit better….a bit groovy! :o) So, I don’t have much to say except, maybe this cute little tune will brighten your night a bit! Night, wow, it’s into the wee hours….ahhh! See, I love the night time, but I’ve been hitting the hay early because my spirit hasn’t been quite the same! So, tonight I’m up late…I’ll sleep good, and tomorrow I’ll start anew! Back to a healthy diet, back to exercising and back to working on being centered and in harmony!

So, I will sign off with a nice little definition of Namaste

I honor the place in you
In which the entire universe dwells
I honor the place in you which is
Of Love, Of Truth, Of Light, and Of Peace
When you are in that place in you, and
I am in that place in me,
We are One

Hope you enjoy my little post. A time to take a moment to just feel good, put your worries aside and listen to the music!

when you have some time, take a look at my little Etsy shops



Love and Peace,



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Balance – Peace and Harmony!

My exercise room

My Exercise Room

Click to download and enjoy this dreamy song! I just love it.

So we fell asleep under a blanket of green and blue glowing constellation stars. A cute little turtle that shines stars on the ceiling, Jaden cuddles in between us…both boys were snoring away. So, one would think I had a perfect night sleep. Not Really! Hmmmm, I think I know the reason.

This has been something brewing, something I have been thinking about for awhile, how important balance is in our lives. Oh, I know you hear everyone boasting “I’m a perfectionist”, and most people strive for perfection. Perhaps if we strived more for balance and harmony in our lives, things would be just a little, no a lot nicer! When you are balanced, life is a way more peaceful and harmonic! But sometimes, it just doesn’t all come so naturally and we need to do simple things to support that lifestyle!

It started in November, a big shift in my nightly schedule. So, this really has nothing to do with anyone but me! So, I’m cooking more, and again, all self inflicted, trying to make the night just perfect having Mike home again in the evenings. Nice dinners, extra visiting time, and oh, how Mike loves his chocolate! (Hmmm, see it’s not only women who love their chocolate) And, OMG TV! Sorry, such a waste of time, but I’m now sitting, after a big dinner, feet up, watching TV (and war shows too!) Yes, you can laugh here, war shows seriously, yes I know it’s an important part in our history, something we should learn from, but it is SO NOT me, isn’t there a better way? So, after two solid years of good discipline, a light dinner filled with low calorie vegetables, a few games of Wurdle while digesting (my iPhone game), nightly exercise, bike riding, weights and yoga, and a nice bath with Himalayan salts to relax and unwind, and then sleeeepppp! And now, it’s just not happening!

So let’s fast forward to today! I’ve been slacking about counting my daily calories…first major mistake! (It’s like trying to keep a running total of your checkbook, grocery list and life’s schedule in your head without a little help from your iPhone! Not Good, really not good! (I have this nice little App called Nutrition. You type in everything you eat, it then add the calories etc for you!  It’s perfect, yes you can have perfect Apps!) So, my Nutrition App tallies all the calories, displays in RED on the App icon, so you always are aware of your caloric intake! Second mistake, I started slipping on exercise! First it was a day, maybe two, then it was sporadic, now there seeems to be GAPS! Not Good! Then perhaps that piece of warm crunchy Italian bread with butter will be perfect with our pasta! CARB OVERLOAD! Not Good! And Jaden’s coming tonight so those bakery butter cookies with those cute little spastel sprinkles and some turtle cookies for Mike will be a nice addition. Not Good! Ok, so you’re getting the picture! The balance, it’s not…it’s topsy-turvy (definition: upside down, a state of confusion!) NOT GOOD!

Fast forward again! I love Music! What easier way to make exercise fun but to play music, MY MUSIC, fun and LOUD! So, now for the first time ever, I have an exercise room! It’s filled with music, inspirational fun and happy things! I have flower photographs, lava lamp, my iPod, my father’s oil paintings, meditation and yoga things, lots of peace things, essential oils, candles, yoga books, plants, Jaden’s pictures, just to name a few things! All Linda stuff! So, really, once I get myself in there, it is the best, the greatest 1 1/2 hours of self discipline practice for myself! I warm up, exercise, do light yoga asanas (postures) all in somewhat of an inspirational absorbed state of harmony, yes harmony! I am doing this for me! A pleasing and satisfying discipline that I am doing totally for myself! Yes, perhaps age has taught me that Peace….it all starts from within!

So, learning a little about me, you can see how my little Etsy shop is SO ME! I like to bring to you natural gifts that can make you feel happy! I have pretty flower photographs and notecards, pretty natural gemstone jewelry, wonderful yoga inspirational gifts, and Himalayan Salts and other things that are oh so healing. So, when you have some time to sit back and enjoy browsing, take a look at my little shop and you will see how I just love to bring all of these wonderful things to you!


So, until next time!

Love and Peace,



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