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Fifty Ways

question05 50 Ways to Say Goodbye (listen to the tune) Where have I been? Well, I have too many hobbies and work too many hours….don’t we all! Time has escaped me and I have not hardly written at all! So, what has driven me to the keyboard? Well, there are more than 50 reasons I am saying goodbye to processed foods and reducing carbs.

Fast forward, It’s been one month! I have had no pasta, no rice, no crackers, and the only flour I’ve had has been in the pumpkin muffins that I bake on Saturdays! This is a pretty big deal, not because I don’t like to eat healthy, more because the amount of time I am spending shopping for fresh vegetables, fruits and cooking! The hours in the kitchen have been increased! It’s hard to fit everything in on a daily basis. It seems dinner is a little later now, there are more trips to the grocery store, and no easy does it I think I will stop at Panda Express on the way home with dinner! But, I am dedicated to this new lifestyle change for health reasons and to help me lose weight. So goodbye to Panera Bread, Starbucks, Panda Express, Olive Garden, and more….haven’t been there in a month!

The great part is Mike is doing this with me! That makes it so much nicer! Although he isn’t a cook, he is 100% in agreement to try to eat healthier, and will eat anything I prepare! This is quite a feat for the big cookie monster that he is! He does have a sweet tooth, that is for sure! And along with a better eating lifestyle, we are BOTH hitting the exercise room….elliptical and exercise bike, here I come. Weights are being added again next week!

So, I thought along with writing about my hobbies, my letterpress letter collection, my wee jewelry making business, and my family, I thought I’d add a bit of our new healthy exercise and dieting lifestyle change. I must admit, I’m never really hungry, but sometimes I do miss pasta and warm crispy bread and butter! (I do still count calories too, I have an App for my phone so I’m always aware) And, I feel like I can’t fit another minute into my day! Sometimes it’s after 9:00 pm before I get into my exercise room. But, today is Saturday, and both Mike and I both have our exercising done already today!

So, I’d like to share one of my new recipes that I made today, then I’m off to the kitchen to prepare our dinner!

I used Bob’s Red Mill Flour Meal, however, it is quite costly, it was just about $12.00 for less than 1 pound at the store. So, now that I have tried almond flour and I like the results and taste, I am going to use Honeyville Almond Flour, it’s supposed to be even more tasty! It’s $31.99 for 5 pounds….still expensive, but how about that Starbucks….it’s all the way you look at things! http://store.honeyvillegrain.com Also, I just put walnuts on the top only to reduce the calorie content of the muffin. And, a little less honey too.

So, here’s the Recipe

muffinsAlmond Meal Banana Nut Muffins

  • 3 cups blanched almond flour
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 3 eggs
  • 2-3 (I used 3) bananas mashed
  • 1/2 c honey
  • 1/4 melted coconut oil or butter (I used butter, next time I’m trying olive oil)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract (darn, I forgot that)
  • 1/4 chopped nuts (I just put a whole one or pieces on the top

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Meet Virginia!

My Wonderful Mother!

01 Meet Virginia Click to enjoy the music! It’s just is a cute song named Virginia!

Virginia, Virg, Virgie, Mother, Grandma, Great Grandma….meet Virginia, my lovely Mother!

So, how does one even begin to honor a women who has embraced her family her entire lifetime! I know this is just a meek, simple gift to show her my admiration for her outstanding role as a Mother! Funny, when I myself became a mother, I then really began to understand her ways, her style, her manner, her LOVE! Those subtle ways she had, those clever things she said to me to make ME be accountable for my behavior and learn to become a responsible adult! She loved to say, “Do what you think is right”! Or, when she would see my report card, “If that is the best you can do, that’s all we can ask”!  It wasn’t till I was older I realized how profound those statements were!

See, back then, there were bigger families. And sometimes occasionally when I was younger I wished for my own room, or things more my way, or my mother to do this or that! Funny, now looking back, that large family was a blessing! I know now, in a million years I wouldn’t want it any other way! A perfect example of love the life you live! AND, I love my Mother, Father and my family!

My Mother (my dad too, but this is Mother’s Day!) knew when to involve herself and when to make us learn to stand on our own two feet! They taught us to grow up, be polite, work hard, respect authority, love God, be a good person, be in charge of our own destiny, create OUR future!  They moved us from Chicago to a little farm town, to live in a safe environment with the freedom to play all day long in the friendly growing neighborhood!

Family was always regarded as more important than anything! We always had big family parties filled with celebration and good food! My mother, the greatest cook of all! Those early years of my mother and Auntie Beeb cooking and planning parties, have impressed me forever! Each and every one of us kids are great cooks all due to MY MOTHER! And, we always got our favorite dinner cooked by my Mother for our birthday!

Now, you must understand, I don’t have a memory of my early years like my brother Billy, he is incredible! But the things that I remember clearly and hold in my heart are the important ones! I know my Mother loved me! And that’s all that matters! I LOVE YOU TOO MOTHER! Happy Mother’s Day!

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all my Aunties, Suzy, Joleen, Missy and all my cousins! There are a lot of wonderful Mother’s in my family, all doing what comes quite naturally to them….loving their families!

Until next time!

Love and Peace




Back Row: Billy, Suzy, Duke Frt Row: Ronny (he's the baby) Mother, Daddy and Me!

My Mother and Father and their children


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