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the garden sets me free

05 Wildflowers Enjoy the song by Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou Harris

Spring is a miraculous time of the year! It is so exciting to be greeted by these beautiful flowering trees when I come home from work! Each day there is a new miracle in bloom! Although my garden is very much smaller than the glorious gardens I have had in previous homes, it doesn’t diminish the joy I experience when I see the beautiful buds bursting open with magnificent vibrant color!

It’s hard to pick a favorite flower, or have a favorite color, or pick a favorite gemstone…there are just too many to enjoy! So, I don’t like to limit myself! I like to enjoy as many of these natural wonders this good earth brings to us!

So, I want to keep this beautiful vision alive and inspire me during the work day until I can once again be in my garden…I always feel peaceful in my garden.

03 Cowboy Take Me Away Enjoy the song

Seeing all these flowers makes me long to pack my camera bag and hop in the car with the big guy for a road trip…and take some time to smell the flowers along the way!

more blooms to follow

Love and Peace…LindaGeez


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Lazy Daze and Flowers!

01 Wildflowers

Clematis, Rose Bush, Daylily, Clover wildflower, Japanese Iris, Snow on the Mountain and Lily

Click on the music to listen or you also can download the music by pressing on the blue link!

I think this song is so perfect being that I have been in a lazy daze for awhile now! Mike and I are off of work! Nothing planned….just enjoying each others company and living life the simple way!

Today we took off for a ride! AND, I didn’t even bring my iPhone! It was liberating! See, I’m old enough to remember what it is like when you want to get lost with someone! Out with the wildflowers feeling free!

It was a glorious day, the temperature my absolute favorite around 70 degrees! We started off getting a coffee and a bit of sweetness to start our day off! Then we took off for Long Grove. Long Grove is a cute little town filled with little boutique shops and art galleries. I’m sad to say so many were closed. But, we enjoyed the mosey walk up and down the brick streets! Saw some great treasures, but the big winner was Savannah…some homemade doggie biscuits…how could I not! She will love them, and she has been a little under the weather, so she more than deserves it!

Just the other day, I said to Mike, oh, it would be so perfect to sit outside somewhere and have lunch, the weather is perfect! Well, he kept that thought in his mind, so when we left we went for a short drive to a little quiet lake called Grass Lake and sat on the patio, and had lunch. Nothing fancy, just a lemonade and a burger. AND, the view, the company and the food made for a perfect leisurely enjoyable luncheon! What a nice day!

The only reason I have turned on the computer, is because I can’t seem to take my daily nap! Mike isn’t having a problem, but perhaps I have caught up with the much needed rest already! So, I thought I would share with you some of my flower blooms that have been blooming this last week or so as I have been on hiatus from any type of schedule!

I’m inspired now to create! A day in nature somehow rejuvenates me, the best inspiration ever…because we belong somewhere we feel free! So,  run away! Enjoy the wildflowers!

So, in your free time, after you have enjoyed the weather and the flowers….visit my Etsy Shop. You will love the natural gemstone jewelry I have created. When I finish the piece, I would like to think it’s no longer just a stone, but a natural fusion between the earth, body and spirit…causing you to feel at peace and one with nature!

Until next time,

Love and Peace…Linda




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